Where are Emmerdale’s missing Dingles now? From reality shows to completely quitting showbiz


EMMERDALE’S biggest ever family is the Dingles with countless characters in the village and the wider world.

There is always a new cousin popping up to add to the family tree but there have been a few over the years that have made an impression.

So we look at where those missing Dingles are now.

Delilah Dingle

Delilah did a bunk with £20k of Eric Pollard’s money

Delilah Dingle turned up as one of the family’s long-lost cousins in 2005.

In just two years she bedded her cousin’s serial killer boyfriend, threw a pan of hot fat over a love rival and stole £20,000 from Eric Pollard – and again from his son David.

After that whirlwind she left the village behind never to be seen again.

But actress Hayley Tamaddon was seen again when she later joined Coronation Street for two years.

She also appeared in The Royal, Shameless, Waterloo Road and Where the Heart Is.

Hayley was runner-up in Soapstar Superstar and won Dancing on Ice in 2010 before competing again on All-Star series in 2014.

Shadrach Dingle 

Shadrach died in 2010

Originally a hapless drinker, Shadrach was the father of Cain and Chas Dingle and the husband of Faith Dingle.

He wasn’t the best father but his true nature was only revealed years later when Faith revealed how abusive he had been to all of them.

Shadrach would go on to brutally beat Cain all through his childhood – but never harmed Chas physically.

After years of being in the village, Shadrach managed to give up drinking for several days.

But when he went back on the booze, his family were disgusted and warned him he would drink himself to death.

He did – and collapsed and drowned in 2010.

Actor Andy Devine played Shadrach until his death and retired from acting after filming his final scenes.

Tina Marie Dingle 

Tina Marie hasn’t been seen in two decades

Tina Marie was Zak Dingle’s daughter and hell-raiser in the village.

Arriving in 1994, she spent just two years in the village but created enough chaos to still be remembered today.

She waged war against the McAllister family for her brother Ben’s death, going as far as to seduce Luke, the one responsible, and convince him she was pregnant with his baby before jilting him at the altar.

And when he tried to kill her, she saved herself and fronted out the backlash over his death.

She was last seen on Christmas Eve in 1996 when she left the village for good.

Tina was escaped the amorous and creepy attentions of her boss Frank Tate who kept proposing to her.

Getting a new job in London, Tina decided to leave her life – and the Dingles – behind for good and they haven’t heard from her since.

Played by actress Jacqueline Pirie, Tina quickly became an iconic character.

After the soap, Jacqueline went on to star in Coronation Street as Linda Baldwin.

She now runs a stage school for children and writes thriller novels from her home in Canada.