Who attacked Stacey in Eastenders?


STACEY Slater was attacked by a hooded figure TONIGHT (October 22) after a furious showdown with Ruby Allen in EastEnders. 

So is the attacker Ruby or could it be someone else? Here’s the lowdown…

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Stacey is left to die tonight by a mystery attacker in EastEnders

Who attacks Stacey in EastEnders?

1. Ruby Allen

EastEnders viewers know there’s been tension between Stacey and Ruby ever since the former made her long-awaited comeback to the Square back in September. 

Stacey was quick to target Ruby for dating her ex Martin by stealing her identity and making fraudulent purchases from her bank account.

But Ruby managed to stick the knife in when she returned from holiday with Martin and smugly revealed they’d tied the knot while they were away. 

And things heated up further between Stacey and Ruby tonight as Lily repeated all the cruel things Stacey had been saying about Ruby to her face. 

Ruby then threatened Stacey that she could easily force her out of the Square shortly before the attack. 

Might Stacey’s attacker turn out to be her new nemesis Ruby?

Ruby will threaten Stacey tonight ahead of the attack

2. Martin Fowler

Viewers know that Martin was forced over to the dark side after getting embroiled in Ben Mitchell’s dangerous world recently in the soap.

Martin made it clear to Stacey that he’d fully moved with Ruby when the pair had a catch-up upon her return to the Square.

Might Ruby have put him up to the attack?

Martin made it clear to Stacey that he’s moved on to Ruby in EastEnders

3. Suki Panesar

Spoilers have revealed that Ruby and Suki are going to team up next week to kick the Slaters out of Walford after Kush steals from the till at Ruby’s.

Could Suki have had something to do with Stacey’s attack tonight?

After turning her own son into the police, who knows what the Square’s matriarch is capable of.

Ruby is going to team up with Suki to drive the Slaters out of Walford

4. Phil Mitchell

Viewers will remember that Stacey made an emotional exit from the Square in August last year after whacking Phil Mitchell over the head with a wrench when she found him choking her husband Martin to death. 

After leaving him for dead, Ben Mitchell insisted that she went on the run and never returned to the Square.

Now that she’s gone against Ben’s wishes, might she finally have to pay the price for what she did to Phil?

Ben Mitchell threatened to harm Stacey after she attacked Phil unless she left the Square

5. Jerome

Viewers know that Stacey broke up with her ex Jerome while she was away from the Square. 

Could things have turned nasty between the pair?

Might he turn out to be the hooded figure who left Stacey for dead?

Viewers will have to tune in to find out.