Who did Kirin Kotecha kill in Emmerdale?


EMMERDALE’s Kirin Kotecha has made a dramatic return to the soap – and blackmailed Charity Dingle over Johnny’s adoption. 

Kirin – who is played by Rish Shah – has been on the run in South America after mowing down Tess Harris in a car accident in 2016. Here’s the lowdown…

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Kirin was Vanessa’s ex and the biological father of her son Johnny

Who was Kirin in Emmerdale? 

Kirin was a regular on the soap from 2014 until 2016, but his time in the Dales ended disastrously after he struggled to overcome his parenting issues.

He had a rollercoaster relationship with Vanessa and fathered her son, Johnny. 

The killer was originally played by actor adam Fielding up until 2016, but when he returned this week Rish Shah had taken over the role.

The character has been mentioned a number of times over the last few months as his ex Vanessa and Charity tried to track him down to get the green light for Johnny’s adoption.

Emmerdale's Kirin was played by Adam Fielding between 2014 and 2016

Emmerdale’s Kirin was originally played by Adam Fielding

Who did Kirin kill in Emmerdale? 

Kirin ran over Tess Harris in a drink-driving accident in dramatic scenes on the soap back in 2016.

Tess later died from her injuries in hospital.

Kirin had been drinking to get over his fatherhood woes after failing to bond with his son Johnny.

Viewers will remember that Kirin’s father Rakesh faked DNA test results showing that Adam Barton was actually the biological father of Johnny.

And when Kirin eventually realised the test was fake and that he was indeed Johnny’s father, he struggled to take on the responsibilities of parenting and was eventually thrown out of the house by Vanessa. 

Kirin then headed on a downward spiral and ended up hitting and killing teaching assistant Tess Harris while drink-driving down a country lane.

The accident proved to be too much for Kirin, who sped off and went on the run to South America.

Nicola Stephenson played Emmerdale’s Tess Harris

Who was Tess Harris in Emmerdale?

Tess Harris appeared in Emmerdale village in 2015 and 2016 and was played by actress Nicola Stephenson. 

Nicola is best known for playing Allie Westbrook in Waterloo Road and Julie Fitzjohn in Holby City.

More recently, the former Emmerdale actress played Marnie in the crime drama series Broke. 

Tess caused quite a stir during her brief time in the Dales by having an affair with Paddy Kirk.

Paddy was miserable in his marriage to Rhona Goskirk, while Tess was also unhappy in her marriage to Pierce Harris.

But  when Paddy eventually dumped the teaching assistant after she had a pregnancy scare and refused to take her back, Tess went out looking for revenge and decided to tell Rhona everything.

But as she went on her way to spill the beans to Paddy’s wife, she was mowed down by a drunken Kirin. 

Kirin has demanded thousands of pounds from Charity in order to agree to the adoption

Will Kirin be arrested in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans are desperate for Charity to call the police on Kirin after he rocked up in the village and blackmailed Charity over Johnny’s adoption. 

Not wanting to let Vanessa down, Charity agreed to Johnny’s terms but when Johnny discovered she hadn’t given him the full amount of money he requested he hit the roof. 

When Chas asked Charity if she could get some money from the pub’s emergency fund, Paddy was fuming to hear that Kirin was back – and ordered Charity to hand him into the police. 

One fan tweeted: “On Emmerdale why doesn’t Charity just call the police on Kirin he is wanted for murder?”

Another added: “Kirin has absolutely no hold over Vanessa, Charity or Priya. He’s been on the run and is wanted by the police. They have something over him! #Emmerdale”

But fans will be pleased to hear that, after Charity bites off more than she can chew, Tracy Metcalfe will eventually call the police and have Kirin arrested for killing Tess.

Will Kirin finally be banged up for the murder?

With exact plot details yet to be confirmed, fans will have to wait and see.

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