Who is Cara Robinson in Emmerdale and could she really be Nates mum?


EMMERDALE fans are confused after Nate Robinson revealed his mum is someone no one has ever heard of.

But just who is she and does Cain REALLY know her? Here’s the lowdown.

It was revealed on Emmerdale that Nate is Cain’s long lost son – but is Cara Robinson really his mum?

Who is Cara Robinson in Emmerdale?

On October 24, 2019 Nate told his dad Cain his mum was Cain’s ex girlfriend Cara Robinson.

The revelation came after an explosive couple of episodes this week where the village hardman confronted Nate about his affair with his wife Moira – even knocking him out with a steel bar.

Things came to a head when Nate revealed he was Cain’s son as the pair fought on the deck of a yacht.

The confrontation escalated when the boat exploded, leaving Cain with a choice: save Nate and his unfaithful wife Moira, or leave them to die.

Luckily, he pulled them both out of the water just in time.

Nate and Cain’s confrontation on the yacht

Is Cara Robinson really Nate’s mum?

It looks highly likely, yes, as Cain knew exactly who she was when Nate said she was his mum cause he had slept with her.

When Cain went to visit Nate in the hospital, he finally found out who the mother was, much to the surprise of the viewers.

Despite the Dingles having a history in the village for decades, Cain has failed to mention his ex-girlfriend Cara Robinson who disappeared off the face of the earth when he was younger.

Hearing the news Cain said: “Yes I knowher, Cara Robinson, she worked at the Skinners Arms we went out for a while.

“And then one day she just disappeared. I never knew she was pregnant. She would have told me.”

Nate replied: “She did and then you told your family, I bet that went down well. ‘Guess what? I’ve just banged up this black girl.’

Cain was shocked by his mother’s betrayal

What did Faith Dingle say about Cara Robinson?

It turns out both Nate and Cain were telling the truth, because when Faith Dingle filled in the blanks for them.

She told Cain that she was the one who sent Cara away to save her and the baby from Shadrach’s racism and rage.

Faith told how Shadrach had threatened to burn Cara and her family to death if she didn’t leave Cain.

So she convinced her to leave Cain behind and make a new life with her baby away where she would be safe.