Who is Chantelle Atkins actress Jessica Plummer in EastEnders?


EASTENDERS’ Chantelle Atkins née Taylor is embroiled in a harrowing domestic abuse storyline which sees her ‘squeaky clean’ husband Gray Atkins frequently attack her behind closed doors.

Long-suffering Chantelle’s tragic storyline will come to an end, as she is murdered by her husband on September 18.

Chantelle Atkins is played by actress Jessica Plummer on EastEnders

Who plays Chantelle in EastEnders?

Chantelle Taylor is played by actress Jessica Plummer who was born in London on September 16, 1992.

The casting was announced in February 2019.

Jessica was previously in a British girl group called Neon Jungle. Their debut single Trouble entered the British charts at No. 12 back in August 2013.

The group supported Jessie J on tour in October of that year and also performed alongside Taylor Swift at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The group split in July 2015.

Jessica previously starred in the movie How to Talk to Girls at Parties alongside Ruth Wilson, Nicole Kidman and Matt Lucas.

She also appeared in TV show Wizards vs Aliens as Chloe Martin in 2013.

Jessica has one daughter called Noa. 

Chantelle Atkins is played by actress Jessica Plummer on EastEnders

Chantelle is a hairdresser in the BBC One soap

What has Jessica said about the domestic abuse storyline?

EastEnders viewers have been left horrified by Gray Atkins’ vicious attacks on his wife as she continues to suffer at the hands of his domestic violence.

Fans were heartbroken when the long-suffering character lost her baby at the end of last year, not long after Gray punched her in the stomach.

The brute then broke Chantelle’s arm when her pregnancy test came back negative earlier this year.

But actress Jessica Plummer, who plays Chantelle, says the unsettling scenes will be worth it if they help reach out to victims in the same situation.

She said: “This is an issue that I, and everyone at EastEnders, hope we can raise awareness of.

“Many women and men that are in Chantelle’s situation suffer in silence and we really hope that by showing this story we can highlight an issue and encourage those in similar situations to seek the help they need.”

Ahead of her on-screen death, the actress teased her fans that the shocking scenes are “like a movie” thanks to the “incredible crew” that captured the shots.

She wrote: “Before tomorrow’s episode airs. I just wanted to say how incredible all the crew were in my final weeks of shooting.

“The behind the scenes work that is done is insane. Crew are the first people in at the top of the day and the last out at the end.

“Their work is demanding on so many levels yet every single person would come in with the biggest smile and the word dad jokes, ready to take on the day.”

Chantelle Atkins is played by actress Jessica Plummer on EastEnders

Fans have watched Chantelle become caught up in a harrowing domestic abuse storyline

Who is Jessica Plummer dating?

It’s not known if they are still dating, but Jessica shares a child with her “childhood sweetheart” ‘Jaz.’

Back in June 2016 she announced she was pregnant with her first child, daughter Noa Lily, writing:

“THANK YOU. Honestly means the world. Jaz and I are over the moon,” she wrote to her 35,100 fans.

“Couldn’t be happier to be starting a family with my childhood sweetheart.”

Who are Chantelle Taylor’s family in EastEnders?

Chantelle Taylor is officially Chantelle Atkins now, and is the daughter of Mitch Baker and Karen Taylor.

She’s Keegan Baker’s full sister and half sister to Karen’s other kids, Bernadette, Keanu, Chatham and Riley.

She’s also half-sister to Mitch’s little daughter, nine-year-old Bailey.

Chantelle is married to Gray Atkins with whom she has two kids – Mia and Mackenzie – and Gray is desperate for them to have a third.

What is Chantelle Taylor’s storyline?

Chantelle married Gray Atkins (Toby Alexander Smith) – a successful lawyer in London – and they went on to move to Walford with their two children.

The hairdresser has since become embroiled in a hardhitting domestic abuse storyline – suffering at the hands of her legal eagle husband.

But when she became pregnant with their third child fans hoped that Gray’s dangerous temper would be addressed.

However viewers were left horrified to see him violently attack Chantelle during the first trimester of her pregnancy.


After months enduring his abuse during the coronavirus lockdown, Chantelle has had enough and decides to try and leave with her children. Gray realises something is not right, and wrongly suspects Chantelle is having an affair with her friend, Kheerat Panesar.

After catching Chantelle and Kheerat planning how she will leave him, Gray foils Chantelle’s escape plan.

Chantelle’s dramatic storyline will end in her tragic death at the hands of Gray.