Who is leaving Hollyoaks in 2020? From Rachel Adedeji to Imran Adams


With a cast as large as Hollyoaks it can be hard to keep track of who’s bidding farewell to the village. 

Here’s your guide to who’s leaving in the Channel 4 soap in 2020…

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Rachel Adedeji (Lisa Loveday)

Rachel Adedeji has quit Hollyoaks amid its high-profile race row

Rachel Adedeji announced she would be departing from Hollyoaks back in June and her exit was filmed shortly before lockdown.

The soap set the scene for Lisa’s departure last night with episodes showing flashbacks to Mitchell and Scott’s wedding as the police interviewed some of the guests about the missing person from the event.

The shop assistant will be seen for the last time this week on the show after locking horns with her secret lover Felix Westwood, who has also been seeing Martine behind Lisa’s back.

Just before her departure was announced, Rachel took to Twitter to slam Hollyoaks for its ‘disappointing’ stance on the Black Lives Matter movement and accuse the show of racism behind the scenes.

Hollyoaks has launched an internal investigation into racism in the wake of Rachel’s comments.

Imran Adams (Mitchell Devereaux)

Imran Adams is leaving Hollyoaks following the show's high-profile race row

Imran Adams is leaving Hollyoaks later this year following his character’s wedding

Hollyoaks is also set to bid farewell to Mitchell Devereaux later this year. 

Imran Adams joined the cast of the soap in February 2019, and has been at the centre of some important storylines including his coming out journey and the discovery of his secret twins. 

Mitchell’s wedding to Scott Drinkwell was at the centre of a whopping cliffhanger ahead of the soap’s break due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The soap returned with a bang last night, as Scott and Mitchell’s wedding was destroyed and someone was murdered after Toby battered them to death under a bed sheet. 

Might it be Mitchell who met his tragic end – and might this storyline seal his exit?

Stephanie Davis (Sinead O’Connor)

 The actress plays Sinead O'Connor on the Channel 4 soap since 2010

Stephanie Davis announced in June that she’d quit after 10 years on the soap

Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis revealed that she’s quit the Channel 4 soap in June 2020.

The star took to Instagram and announced that she’s “decided to leave” and is “looking forward to working on new and exciting projects.”

She added: “”Sometimes we make decisions based not on what we want but what we know is right!

“I have loved bringing Sinead into your homes for the past ten years but it’s with a heavy heart I have decided to leave Hollyoaks and now looking forward to working on new and exciting projects. Excited!”

Fans were perplexed by the disappearance of Sinead last November after she failed to give a proper reason for not turning up to her own wedding.

Sinead jilted Sami on their wedding day by texting him to say she was in Spain.

But Stephanie later spoke out to reveal that a suicide attempt and relapse were the reasons behind her character Sinead’s absence from the soap. 

Jude Monk McGowan (Liam Donovan)

 Hollyoaks fans think Liam Donovan is about to meet his maker

Jude Monk McGowan departed from the soap in March 2020 after his character Liam fell to his death

Hollyoaks killed off Liam Donovan in March 2020 in spectacular fashion in the dramatic Devil’s Dinner Party storyline.

Liam’s own sister Grace Black let him fall to his death after he terrorised his enemies in a terrifying hostage situation at the pub.

Liam’s death lead to the departure of actor Jude Monk McGowan, who played Liam, from the show.

Speaking to Digital Spy about fans’ reactions to his exit, the actor said: “I think they’re disappointed there wasn’t more of Liam and James. That’s the impression I got – things shifted in people’s consciousness when Liam was involved with James. That won’t happen now and will probably be a bit upsetting.”

Jude added: “I should think the people who enjoy the theatricality of Liam will certainly enjoy his demise and the final episodes, but I dare say they’ll be disappointed they won’t see more of his antics in the village.”

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