Who is the father of Lily’s baby on EastEnders? Latest fan theories

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EASTENDERS fans were left stunned as it was confirmed that 12 year old Lily Slater was pregnant in news that rocked Albert Square.

In the shocking New Year’s Day episode, multiple members of the Slater clan were affected following a carbon monoxide leak causing Lily to wind up in hospital.

Lily is pregnant

Fans have pointed the finger at Freddie

The hospital doctors were concerned for Lily Slater on the BBC soap.

The doctor told Stacey: “We were worried about the severity of your daughter’s stomach aches so we did an ultrasound and something’s come back that given her age is of concern. 

“Were you aware that your daughter is sexually active? She’s pregnant.”

A horrified Stacey replied: “She can’t be – she’s 12 years old.”

Lily has not been known to have a boyfriend on the programme nor has she ever shown interest in anyone which set fans minds racing as to just who the father may be.

Many viewers of the show have been prompted to speculate that Bobby Brazier’s character Freddie could be the father of the child.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “You’re scaring me now, I was just saying how much I absolutely love Freddie. This would make his character totally irredeemable, he’s 19 and she’s 12!”

Another wrote: “Wtf, Lily is pregnant!!! I feel like the dad will be Freddie @bbceastenders #Eastenders.”

Many grew concerned that fan favourite Freddie could be about to be involved the dark and sinister storyline.

Another fan of the show added: “The way Freddie arrived out of nowhere, immediately got loads of screen time, and has been SO likeable has me so nervous that there could be a really sick & horrible twist coming re: Lily 🥴🥴🥴 please god no.”

While another penned: “I really hope they’re not planning a weird storyline with lily and Freddie 😬.”

Others speculated that Ricky Jr could also potentially have fathered Lily’s unborn child.

One person speculated: “Ricky Jr – that’s my guess anyway.”

Another added of the family link between fellow Walford baby Annie and Lily’s child should Ricky in fact be the dad.

They said: “Ricky and Annie are first cousins so if Ricky is the father of Lily’s baby (if there is one) the baby would be her first cousin once removed. Jim is Annie’s grandfather and the baby’s great-grandfather so they aren’t in the same generation.”

Even more family connections were explored by fans as possibilities in what could be a very dark storyline.

“What about Tommy as the dad? Him and Lily are some form of cousins, but that doesn’t stop the Dingles in Emmerdale,” one fan pondered as another said: “I have a sneaky feeling that Freddie Slater is the father.”

Speaking of the explosive storyline, Stacey actress Lacey Turner said: “Stacey’s in complete and utter shock.”

“They’re talking about her twelve-year-old daughter, who doesn’t have a boyfriend, and as far as Stacey knows, isn’t really that into boys.

“Initially, Stacey thinks that the doctors must be wrong. After that, she goes through every single emotion that you could possibly feel in such a short space of time.”

Speculation is rife over the father