Who kidnapped Darren on Hollyoaks?


HOLLYOAKS fans waited with baited breath to find out the identity of Darren’s kidnapper, weeks after he vanished.

As it turns out, Darren is held against his will by two abductors. Here’s what you need to know.

Darren is being held captive by two abductors

Who kidnapped Darren on Hollyoaks? 

Darren’s – portrayed by Ashley Taylor Dawson – abduction has wreaked havoc amongst Hollyoaks viewers.

Some first believed it could be Fergus (played by Robert Beck) or even Nate (played by Chris Charles).

Some fingers were even pointed towards Luke (played by Gary Lucy) after Darren contacted him for some advice after the pregnancy test row, and Luke suggested he goes to buy jewellery for Nancy (played by Jessica Fox) as a forgiveness present.

On Friday, November 26, 2021, members of the public found out that Darren is being kept a prisoner by two newcomers.

Ethan (played Matthew James-Bailey)

While not much is known about Ethan, he was seen holding up the jewellery shop Darren visited prior to his abduction.

In a new Hollyoaks episode broadcasted on Monday, November 29, 2021, Ethan told Darren he could never let him go even if he wanted to.

This is due to his involvement with his girlfriend Maya.

Maya (played by Ky Discala)

It was quickly revealed that Ethan is under immense pressure from his girlfriend Maya.

Maya also happens to be Ethan’s boss.

As a member of a ruthless crime family, she has ordered Ethan to kill Darren.

But why does she want Darren out of the picture?

Ashley Taylor Dawson plays Darren Osborne in Hollyoaks

Why has Darren been kidnapped? 

Darren woke up in a mysterious hotel room with his hands bound together by tape.

The unknown person towered over him, with a gun in their pocket.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on his kidnapping.

One wrote: “Who the Hell would kidnap Darren and why exactly?”

A second wrote: “I’m confused… why would someone kidnap Darren and what do they want”

All confusion was eventually cleared on November 26, 2021, as Hollyoaks fans were made aware that Maya and Ethan were holding up the jewellery shop Darren visited the day of his abduction.

Becoming a witness to the crime made Darren Maya’s ultimate target.

While Darren pleads with Ethan to let him go, Maya is shown to be less lenient and ready to cut any loose ends.

Will Darren manage to make it back to safety? 

It’s still not completely clear if Darren will make it back to safety or be killed. 

Daren is now bound to a chair by his kidnappers.

The captor warned him that no one would be able to find him, and forced Darren to write a “goodbye note”.

On Monday, November 29, however, Darren seemed closer than ever to being freed.

After Luke managed to find where Darren was being held with the help of his phone tracker, he followed Ste, Sienna and Leela to one of their cleaning jobs at the hotel Darren is held captive.

Making his escape when Leela entered the room he is being kept captive, Darren was chased by an armed Ethan to the kitchen.

“Is this what you really want? A gun-related murder charge on your conscience?” Darren asked his captor.

“If you step out that door, it’ll be Maya coming for you. No one will find you. You’ll just be the man who left his wife for riper fruit, lost and forgotten”, Ethan responded.

The escape plan failed as Darren was brought back to captivity.

He was warned by Ethan that he would die if he ever tried to escape again.

Not all hope is lost, however, as Luke caught a glimpse of Darren being forced into the hotel elevator, although Ste, Sienna and Leela tried to convince him this had not happened.

Will Maya get her wish?

Hollyoaks airs new episodes from Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4.