Who plays Damon on Emmerdale?


EMMERDALE fans think they have worked out who Chloe’s dad is after pausing the soap at a crucial moment.

The teen’s past has remained a mystery since she joined the ITV soap – with viewers trying their best to work out who she could be related to.

Fans have been trying to work out who Chloe’s dad is

Who is Chloe Harris’ father Damon on Emmerdale?

On Emmerdale’s November 18, 2021 episode Emmerdale released more details about Chloe Harris’ mysterious criminal father, where they appeared to reveal that he is called “Damon”.

During a scene with Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd, Kerry Wyatt, who has been working as a cleaning maid for Chloe’s family, divulged details about her dangerous boss, where she spoke about Damon.

Viewers went wild over the revelation after weeks of trying to crack the identity of the mysterious criminal.

Eagle-eyed fans think they have worked out who her dad is – having looked closely at their TVs while Chloe and Kerry were followed by a mysterious car.

Where is Damon on Emmerdale?

Viewers know that her “dangerous dad” has been in prison, and that Chloe was related to sister Gemma, who died three years ago.

Theories have passed back and forth across social media, with audiences convinced that her father must be a character from the soap’s past.

Her surname – Harris – previously sent viewers in a flurry as they linked her with former villain Pierce Harris, who was sent to prison in 2017.

So when a mysterious man began following Chloe in a car, it was no wonder fans tried their best to catch a proper glimpse to see who it is.

In a bid to unmask him, viewers did their best to pause at the critical moment the car was in full view to try and get a look at the man.

They took to Twitter to joke they were “on the floor” trying to get the best view of their screens in order to recognise the blurry face.

“Who was that person following them in the car – and who is Chloe’s dad?” one fan wrote to social media.

Another chimed in: “Chloe’s dad has got eyes on her,” as a third wrote: “Her dad has put his boys on tracking Chloe’s every move.”

“I’m literally on the floor trying to get a close up on Chloe’s dad! Doesn’t look like Declan or Pierce,” someone else concluded.

Who plays Damon on Emmerdale?

As mentioned we are yet to see Damon on screen so far.

This means the actor who plays him is yet to be revealed – but as soon as we know, you’ll know.

You can see how the story plays out on Emmerdale which airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.