Who was Terry Bates in EastEnders and why does Jay Brown hate him so much?


FUNERAL director Jay Brown is set to get an unpleasant blast from the past in EastEnders tonight when his plans for a day out are scuppered due to a new booking.

Both Jay and his co-worker, Callum Highway, are amazed at the scale of the funeral requested, but Jay isnt prepared for whose it is Terry Bates. But just who was Terry Bates?

EastEnders’ Jay Brown makes shocking death discovery

Who was Terry Bates in EastEnders?

Terry Bates was the leader of a football firm which included Jays dad, Jase Dyer. He was played by actor Nicholas Ball and was last seen in 2009.

Jase ran away from Manchester to London when he was 15 and Terry took him under his wing.

Jase spent time in prison, but came out a changed man wanting to look after his son.

In October 2007, Bird another member of the firm arrived in Walford looking for Jase. Jase told Bird that he didnt want to be part of that life anymore.

Callum is shocked by Jay's angry reaction to the funeral request

Callum is shocked by Jay’s angry reaction to the funeral request

To scare him, Terry visited Jay while Jase was out and took him to see a firework display. Jase then met Terry and told him that he wanted nothing more to do with the gang.

But Terry wasnt going to let it lie and organised a group of hitmen to storm the Queen Vic, thinking Jase was there. Terrys gang smashed up the pub and attacked various punters including a pregnant Honey Mitchell.

Terry arrived in Walford again in July 2008 after Jase, who was desperate for money, agreed to work for him again.

But it turned out that Jase had been stealing from Terry. Terry held Jay hostage, but along with Billy Mitchell Jase rescued him.

Why does Jay hate Terry so much?

After Billy managed to get Jay to safety, he went back into the flat to see Terrys men beat Jase half to death.

Too scared to help, Billy hid in the toilet. Jase later died in hospital from his injuries.

Terry was arrested and jailed.