Who will take over EastEnders’ Queen Vic as Mick and Linda quit – from Chrissie Watts to Suki Panesar


EASTENDERS’ Mick and Linda Carter are selling the Queen Vic – leaving a host of characters who could be the new landlords.

Due to Linda’s battle with alcoholism, the couple will soon decide on selling up, meaning some of Walford’s biggest names – including warring ex-couple Phil and Sharon – will be competing to takeover while the Carters move elsewhere in Albert Square.

The landlords are packing up and leaving the Vic

A soap insider told HOAR: “With Linda struggling to quit booze it makes sense Mick moves the family out the pub.

“His decision will spark a bidding war between some of the residents who fancy taking on the biggest job in Walford.

“Viewers will be sad to see Danny no longer behind the bar, but that doesn’t mean he won’t return at some point in the future.”

But who could be taking over the legendary boozer?

Sharon Watts

Queen Sharon would be right at home in the Vic again

A bereaved mother she might be but Sharon’s due a hefty divorce payout from gangster Phil and the Vic is her childhood home.

She’s been the landlady before and she has the biggest claim on the East End boozer.

But would she want to be pulling pints again?

Phil Mitchell

Phil might be an alcoholic but he’s at home behind the bar

With Linda selling the pub, there’s vacancy for another recovering alcoholic to take it back over.

His family ran the pub for a decade with mum Peggy at the helm as the landlady.

After the death of his adopted son Dennis, Phil may want to reconnect with his roots and try to go legitimate again.

Suki Panesar

Suki would rule Walford with the Vic in her portfolio

Suki’s arrival in Walford has brought a new kind of villain in.

She’s got money, she’s got connections but she’s more manipulative than anyone in EastEnders history and that makes her very dangerous.

The businesswoman already owns a pest control company and a call centre – but buying the Vic will put her in prime position to rule Walford with an iron fist.

Ruby Allen

Ruby has the cash to buy the Vic

Businesswoman and crime heiress Ruby already has her own nightclub – but she’s also got millions in the bank thanks to her dead gangster dad Johnny Allen.

She’s one of the few people in Walford who could buy the Vic without even blinking.

But could she run two booze venues at once?

Chrissie Watts

Chrissie’s comeback would delight longtime fans

If there’s a single character in EastEnders history that fans are desperate to see return it’s Chrissie Watts.

She was the woman responsible with killing Dirty Den – by braining him in the bar witht he bus of old Vic herself, and she very nearly got away with it.

Chrissie would be due for release around now which would make for a cracking comeback.

Janine Butcher

Janine is wanted by fans for a comeback

There is only one character more wanted for a comeback than Chrissie – and that’s Janine.

She of the chucking her husband off of a mountain has made more comebacks than Cher but it’s been a while since she last caused chaos in Walford.

And chaos is exactly what Walford could do with right about now.