Why is Vanessa not in Emmerdale?


VANESSA Woodfield made a virtual appearance last night (October 12) in Emmerdale to celebrate her anniversary with Charity Dingle.

Fans of the ITV soap loved the reunion. But what they really want to know is why has Vanessa left Emmerdale village? Here’s the lowdown…

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Vanessa appeared to Charity last night in the form of a tablet stuck on a mannequin

Why is Vanessa not in Emmerdale?

Vanessa departed suddenly from the village in May as she continues to battle bowel cancer.

Charity casually revealed that Vanessa had moved in with her mum to focus on battling the disease. 

But as fans well know, Vanessa’s exit was really to facilitate actress Michelle Hardwick’s maternity leave.

Charity had been fearing the worst after not hearing from Vanessa

Michelle has now welcomed a baby boy with her wife Kate Brooks.

The star announced the happy news on social media on Sunday October 11, writing on Instagram: “On Friday 9th October, this handsome little chap entered the world.”

She added: “Edward ‘Teddy’ Peter Brooks we are so in love with you #ourlittleTeddyboy.”

Charity revealed that Vanessa had left back in May to stay with her mum while she battles cancer

Vanessa’s exit was to facilitate Michelle Hardwick’s maternity leave

Will Vanessa return to Emmerdale?

The news that Michelle is having a baby has left fans fearing that show bosses will kill off her character after losing her battle with cancer.

And Michelle didn’t reassure viewers when she said she had always known what the ending for Vanessa’s cancer storyline would be. 

She told Radio Times: “I won’t say which way it goes, but I was told straight away.

“As soon as [Emmerdale’s executive producer] Jane Hudson brought me up, she told me the storyline and the outcome.

“I didn’t even have time to think about it one way or another. As soon as I was told the story, I was told the outcome.

“It wasn’t a case of ‘here’s the story but we don’t know yet’. So I’ve always known what happens in the storyline but my lips are sealed…”

But soap bosses are yet to confirm whether Vanessa will return to the Dales and reunite with Charity in person any time soon.

So viewers will have to tune in to find out. 

Vanessa actress Michelle Hardwick has welcomed a baby boy with her wife Kate Brooks

Emmerdale fans are desperate for Vanessa to return and reunite with Charity

How did Vanessa and Charity celebrate their anniversary?

Last night’s episode of Emmerdale (October 12) saw Charity begin to fear the worst for her relationship when Vanessa appeared to avoid her calls. 

But it soon became apparent that Rhona and Tracy had been plotting a huge surprise for Charity – a virtual reunion with her fiancee. 

Charity couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted Vanessa’s face on a tablet computer attached to a mannequin – and was touched to see that her fiancee was wearing the superhero halloween costume and mask she’d been wearing when they shared their first smooch in the pub cellar. 

Fans flocked to Twitter to express their delight at the scenes: “The surprise Vanessa did to Charity yesterday is so cute ! #Emmerdale.”

Another added: “Glad Rhona was apart of tonight’s scenes. I miss her scenes with Vanessa. Hopefully when Vanessa comes back we can have some fun Vanessa and Rhona scenes again #emmerdale”

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