Why is Vanessa pushing Charity away? Emmerdale fans fear the couple will split


VANESSA Woodfield sent Charity Dingle home in Emmerdale last night and suffered through her first chemotherapy session all alone.

Viewers were left baffled as to why Vanessa is pushing Charity away when she needs her the most. So what’s going on with the fan-favourite couple and could a split be on the cards?

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Emmerdale fans are baffled as to why Vanessa is pushing her girlfriend Charity away

Why is Vanessa pushing Charity away in Emmerdale?

Vanessa ordered Charity to leave the hospital last night in Emmerdale after she made a scene and scared Kerry away.

Viewers will remember that Kerry started the fire that killed Vanessa’s father and then lied about her part in it. 

And so Charity hit the roof when she arrived at the hospital to find Kerry sitting with Vanessa and immediately ordered her to leave.  

A fight then broke out and Charity ended up shoving her, causing a member of staff to threaten to call security. 

Charity was stunned to hear Kerry was a volunteer on the oncology wards and that she gave patients free beauty treatments.

Charity couldn’t help herself and sneered: “And that’s how you salve your conscience is it? Inflicting hideous eyebrows on sick people.”

Vanessa told her to shut up, before having a go at her for kicking off and shouting. 

She said: “I wanted to get through today in a quiet and dignified way. No drama. No fuss. Then you wade in.”

Charity insisted she was only looking out for Vanessa, but Vanessa branded her behaviour selfish and ordered her to leave.

Charity departed with her tail between her legs, leaving a tearful Vanessa to finish her first chemotherapy session on her own.

Vanessa ordered Charity to leave after she kicked off at Kerry in Emmerdale

What did fans think about Vanessa’s reaction in Emmerdale?

Viewers took to Twitter after last night’s episode to vent at Vanessa for pushing Charity away – when she was only trying to help. 

One fan tweeted: “In reality there’s NO WAY you’re going to sit there with the person responsible for your father’s death. No way would Vanessa have. Kerry needs to own up to what she did. I don’t usually like Charity but this time she reacted exactly the right way. Good for you Charity.”

Another added: “Vanessa should totally be thanking Charity for looking after Johnny while he’s so ill given she herself can’t. NOT having a go at her kicking off at her Father’s Murderer, chemo ward wasn’t the best place for it but still Charity’s obviously trying her best #Emmerdale #Vanity.”

A third said: “Poor charity no matter what she says and do Vanessa is always pushing her away how upset was she last night bless her.”

A fourth tweeted: “Vanessa treats her worse than Cain.”

Vanessa and Charity continue to bicker this week in Emmerdale

Are Vanessa and Charity going to break up in Emmerdale?

The chemo ward bust up last night left fans fearing that Vanessa and Charity might be heading for splitsville.

Emmerdale are keeping tight-lipped about Charity and Vanessa’s future together, but things aren’t looking great for the pair in upcoming scenes.

Viewers will be devastated later this week as Vanessa continues to push Charity away.

The pair continue to argue back at home and Vanessa turns to Rhona for support instead.

Vanessa then heads out with Rhona for her birthday and ends up getting sozzled.

Charity is horrified when a video of Vanessa fighting a student in a bar circulates on social media.

Later, Vanessa feels wretched about the incident and the arguments and finally apologises.

But when Vanessa then asks a big question of Charity, she realises there’s still a huge rift between them.

Emmerdale are keeping shtum about what the question is, and fans will have to tune in to find out.

Official spoilers have also revealed that Vanessa is set to deeply offend Charity next week when she asks Rhona to look after her son Johnny if she dies. 

Charity is baffled as to why Vanessa hasn’t picked her and realises they’ve grown even further apart than she realised. 

Will Charity and Vanessa realise they need each other now more than ever – or could this be the end for them?