Why is Yasmeen still behind bars in Corrie? The date of her attempted murder trial has been confirmed


CORONATION Street fans are baffled as to why Yasmeen is still in prison after Tim Metcalfe reported footage of Geoff terrorising her to the police.

So why have the police kept Yasmeen locked up, while leaving Geoff free to continue his reign of terror in the ITV soap? Here’s the lowdown…

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Corrie fans are confused why Yasmeen is still in prison after the police saw footage of Geoff abusing her

Why is Yasmeen still behind bars in Corrie?

Corrie fans were left baffled when the police released Geoff back in September – despite having footage of him abusing Yasmeen.

One viewer tweeted: “#Corrie For the life of me I don’t understand how the police have released Geoff after they saw the video of him terrorising his wife!”

Another added: “I can’t believe the police released Geoff”

A third baffled viewer tweeted: “Why is Yasmeen still in prison when Sally and faye went to the cops with the laptop?! She should at least be out on bail by now, or did I miss something?!”

But clearly the footage wasn’t enough evidence to free Yasmeen, and fans will have to wait until her attempted murder trial to see whether Geoff faces justice.

Coronation Street bosses have confirmed Yasmeen’s trial will begin in December

What do we know about Yasmeen’s trial in Corrie?

Corrie have confirmed that Yasmeen’s trial date will be Wednesday, December 2.

Although initially due to stand trial in the summer,  Yasmeen had a heart attack just hours just before she was supposed to be in court and the case had to be delayed.

The court scenes will see Yasmeen face the attempted murder charge she got after lashing out at Geoff in self defence when he attacked her with a knife.

But will Yasmeen finally be freed?

With Corrie keeping shtum about Yasmeen’s fate, viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary will unfold on 9th December, so Yasmeen’s trial will be part of the epic event.

Joe Duttine, who plays Tim, recently said: “It is great to know that this story is part of the anniversary, I haven’t seen the scripts so, like everyone else, I am keen to find out what happens to Geoff and where this takes Sally and Tim as we head into next year. It’s exciting.”

Corrie fans are desperate for Yasmeen’s abuser Geoff to face justice

Will Geoff face justice in Corrie?

Corrie producer Ian MacLeod has already confirmed that Geoff will meet his downfall this year.

He previously said: “What form that comeuppance takes is still in discussion. We wanted a redemptive ending ultimately for Yasmeen.”

Adding that he, Ian and Shelley had been in correspondence with real-life abuse victims, Ian continued: “For the sake of all those people, we have to tell the right ending with some positivity and optimism.”

But in what form the downfall will come remains to be seen, and fans will have to watch the soap to find out.