Will David get over Shona Ramsey’s betrayal in Coronation Street? Jack P Shepherd has spoken out


SHONA Ramsey further destroyed her marriage with David Platt last night in Coronation Street when he walked in on her trying to kiss another man.

Shona – who is played by Julia Goulding on the ITV soap – can’t remember her marriage and has been poisoned against David by her son Clayton. But is this the end of the road for the pair. Here’s everything you need ot know…

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David walked in on Shona trying to kiss her key worker in Corrie

Why did Shona cheat on David in Corrie?

Corrie fans know that Shona has suffered memory loss after getting caught in the firing line during the Christmas shooting last year and can’t even remember her husband David. 

But walking in on Shona trying to kiss her support worker still shocked David out of his skin.

Looking horrified, David shouted: “Wha..wha…what’s going on?!”

Viewers were devastated for David and took to Twitter to express their dismay. 

One fan said: “NOO Shona’s totally fallen for her career already? Poor David #Corrie.”

Another said: “Really hating this Shona storyline, totally unnecessary to do this to David and Shona #corrie.”

Corrie’s Shona Ramsey warms to David later in the week

Are David and Shona going to get back together in Corrie?

Fans will be pleased to hear that things are looking promising for David as Shona starts to warm to him later in the week after he offers to take her out for some food. 

When Gemma tells Shona what a great relationship she had with David prior to the shooting, she invites him over to her flat and suggests they have sex to jog her memory. 

Julia Goulding hinted that there’s hope for David and Shona as her character realises Clayton has been spreading lies. 

Speaking on This Morning last month, Julia said: “It’s a funny one with Clayton, she remembers him as 14.

“That’s when he started being nasty because of the influence from his father.

“His mask begins to slip again and those evil little ways show through. I think she’ll get wise to his games.”

What has Jack P. Shepherd said about David’s future with Shona?

Speaking to RadioTimes about David’s storyline, Jack said: “Although it’s his wife making advances, David’s reaction is to say no and wait for her to be ready. He’s trying to be respectful.

“Shona wanted a divorce not long ago but her being back on the street encourages him and gives him hope for their future. Ultimately I don’t think the relationship will be the same now – they will have to fall in love with each other all over again.”

Talking about the possibility of them renewing their marriage vows, David said: “No one wants to get married in the Bistro, and David was wearing prison clothes as he’d just been released after months behind bars! I’d like to have the next wedding in a big cathedral!”