Will Sharon Mitchell buy the Vic herself in EastEnders? Linda makes a huge decision


EastEnders’ Linda Carter will decide against selling the Queen Vic to Phil Mitchell tonight (June 15) after discovering the awful way he’s been treating Sharon.

But when Mick enlists Sharon’s help to get Linda out of the pub to aid her ongoing recovery, will Sharon decide to buy the Vic for herself? Here’s everything you need to know…

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EastEnders fans want Sharon to buy the pub for herself

Will Sharon buy the pub for herself in EastEnders?

After Linda decides against selling the pub to Phil in tonight’s episode of EastEnders (June 15), Mick announces that he’s already put down a deposit for the flat.

Later in the week Mick, who’s desperate to continue with the deal, asks Sharon to persuade Linda to sell the pub to Phil.

Sharon tells Mick she can’t help but agrees that Linda needs to get free of the Vic to aid her recovery. 

Later, Sharon takes matters into her own hands. 

EastEnders are keeping shtum about what exactly this means, but might Sharon buy the Vic for herself?

EastEnders fans are convinced getting her hands on the pub would be the perfect revenge for Sharon.

One fan tweeted: “Why does Sharon keep putting up with Phil’s awful behaviour after all these years?!? She should just buy the pub herself and run it with Mick as the bar manager #EastEnders.”

Another added: “IMAGINE AND INJECT IT: Sharon kicks Phil out on the opening night of the Vic and says, “I never wanted you back, Phil. Only Kayden and the Vic for a fresh start. One that didn’t include you. I played you like a violin and you fell for it….Now get out of MY pub.”

Linda refuses to sell the pub to Phil

Why does Linda refuse to sell the pub to Phil in EastEnders?

Linda refuses to sell the pub to Phil after she gets wind of him slinging sobbing Sharon and baby Kayden out onto the streets last week.

Fans will remember that Phil previously put his foot in it when Linda attended a new support group and was horrified to see Phil there. 

When Linda insisted on Phil attending another meeting, Phil shared some harsh truths with Linda about her recovery – which didn’t go down well with Linda.

Kellie Bright has confirmed Linda and Mick will have a fresh start away from the Vic

What has Kellie Bright said about the Vic’s future in EastEnders?

Despite Linda’s reluctance to sell the Queen Vic to Phil next week, Kellie Bright has revealed that Linda and Mick will indeed begin a new chapter away from Walford’s boozer. 

Asked whether it would be hard for Linda no longer being a landlord, Kellie told Digital Spy: “I think it could be quite hard on them actually, I don’t think Linda will know what her role is.

“I imagine Mick will kind of take charge in terms of things at home and with Ollie because Linda is not a domestic goddess!

“She’s a good mum, but she’s not a homemaker, she’s never been a cook, she’s not that type of woman. She’s a landlady. I just think that she will really flounder and feel a bit lost.”

She added: “I feel like it’s a new chapter. It’s interesting to me as an actor to see what happens to these characters when they’re out of that pub,” she said. That’s why I’m up for it because I know what they’re like in the pub, I know how they function.