Angela Rippon Responds to Accusations of Anger on Strictly Come Dancing


Angela Rippon Makes it Through to Next Level in Strictly Come Dancing

Angela Rippon, the 79-year-old TV presenter, has advanced to the next round of Strictly Come Dancing after narrowly beating Adam Thomas in a dance-off.

Addressing the Critiques

Following her performance, Rippon faced accusations of looking furious when the judges provided feedback. However, she has now spoken out against these claims.

Constructive Criticism

During an appearance on the spin-off show Strictly: It Takes Two, Rippon explained that she believes it is important to listen to the judges' constructive criticism. She clarified that her facial expression was simply her listening face, not anger.

Fix Row

Since the dance-off, Strictly Come Dancing has faced accusations of being rigged. Many viewers claimed that producers decided to save Rippon despite her mistakes for a specific reason.

Blackpool Connection

Some speculate that show bosses were determined to see Rippon return to dance in the Blackpool ballroom, as she previously hosted the BBC programme Come Dancing, which was Strictly's predecessor show.

Judge Craig Hits Back

Judge Craig has defended the decision to save Rippon, stating that he gave her the highest score of 9 for her Charleston. He praised her technical ability and emphasized that she made a difficult dance look easy.