Craig Revel Horwood hits out at Strictly leaker and says ‘get a life’ for ‘ruining’ results shows


STRICTLY Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood has hit out at the mole who has been leaking which celeb is voted off before the results show.

Panellist Craig, 57, has slammed the Strictly leaker and said they need to “get a life” for “ruining” the Sunday results show.

Craig Revel Horwood has told the Strictly spoiler to ‘get a life’

Panellist Craig said the mole needs to be removed from ‘every social media platform’

BBC viewers have been left frustrated after a leak each week reveals the two celebrities in the dance off.

Speaking exclusively to SE, Craig said the person in question needs to be removed from “every social media platform”, in a bid to stop them spreading these “vicious rumours”.

Discussing whether Sunday’s results show should be cancelled to avoid this happening, Craig said: “They could scrap the Sunday show, but I think people at home look forward to the Sunday result show and it’s something to get excited about.

“Just because a few people are ruining it for everybody doesn’t mean it should be cancelled.

“People should respect that and I am quite angry at people who don’t respect that.

“The person who is leaking it needs to get a life.”

He continued: “They need to be cut out of Facebook, Twitter and taken off of every social platform, so they don’t have a voice, then they will have to phone a friend and spread the vicious rumours that way.”

Craig has also defended fellow panellist Shirely Ballas, who came under fire for her scoring and voting.

“I base my scores on the dance and Shirley goes on the dance, if that appears to look like she’s appearing to favour someone, it’s only her opinion and a professional opinion, then that’s entirely up to her, we’re very different judges.” Craig said.

“She comes from the very strict ballroom Latin world, and I come from the commercial world and for the arty farty type world, where I do ballet and all sorts of other things, and I think because of that we have very different opinions and that’s the only reason.”

Bosses of Strictly are becoming increasingly concerned as fans have the results show ruined by leaked information online.

After the first dance off, Twitter was also inundated with posts that Richie Anderson had been voted out – proved true in the results show.

Last weekend, the spoiler leaked the results that Matt Goss and Kym Marsh would be in the bottom, with Matt going home.

It comes after judge Anton Du Beke issued a warning to the “show mole” on Tuesday.

Appearing on Loose Women, fresh from his Best Talent Show Judge win at the National Television Awards, he was asked how he feels about the leaks.

Anton said firmly: “Please stop – whoever you are, don’t do it. Why would you do it?”

The results are filmed on Saturday but not shown until Sunday, and Linda Robson questioned if the mole could be an audience member.

Anton replied: “I don’t know, nobody knows. We’re all in it together and everybody has an agreement – you don’t say anything.

“They call you a spoiler for a reason, because you’re a spoiler. Don’t do it.”

A Strictly Come Dancing insider told The Mail On Sunday: “For years, the audience didn’t twig the Sunday show was pre-recorded, but recently results have been leaked, spoiling the suspense.

“Those running the show want to find out who is leaking and fast. What’s really baffling them is that it must be the same person.”

The audience at Strictly Come Dancing have their phones removed during filming, with the crowd made up of family and friends of those taking part and members of the public.

Craig defended fellow panellist Shirely Ballas after her voting came under fire