Furious Strictly fans slam judges for ‘overmarking’ show favourite amid theory it’s ‘fixed’ for them to win


STRICTLY Come Dancing fans have slammed judges for “overmarking” one contestant amid “fix” row.

BBC One viewers were left frustrated that show favourite Hamza Yassin scored 37 points in week 10, despite fans saying the performance wasn’t up to scratch.

Strictly fans are convinced that the judges are ‘overmarking’ one contestant

Viewers think Hamza Yassin has been given high scores amid a ‘fix’ row

One frustrated fan wrote: “#Strictly really really this show is a fix how is Hamaz, never in the bottom two! I thought he was terrible last night.”

Another echoed: “Can’t believe Hamza wasn’t in the dance off. His dance was awful. It just seems like a fix when the BBC only show the nice remarks from the judges #Strictly”

A third agreed: “#Strictly Oh this is a complete joke. Two 10s for that?? He did nothing! She did all the work. Bloody fix to get him to win surely.”

“Totally agree about with Craig and Anton, Hamza’s wasn’t great, how Shirley keeps worshipping him I don’t get. Fix. #Strictly,” another added.

It comes after head judge Shirley Ballas hit back at a fan with a furious message after a fix row.

The fan in question accused Shirley, 62, of undermarking Molly Rainford and Fleur East and instead overmarking contestants Will Mellor and Hamza.

 Will Mellor topped the leaderboard with his opening Charleston routine last week.

Meanwhile, fans were outraged as Fleur East found herself dancing for survival despite not being in the bottom two of the leaderboard.

One viewer ranted: “FLEUR WAS IN THE BOTTOM TWO AGAIN?! WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE! WHY DO YOU HATE HER?”, while another said: “Fleur shouldn’t be in the bottom two – not sure why the public don’t rate her – think she’s amazing.”

All four judges voted to save Fleur this week after she performed to Too Lost In You by the Sugababes with her partner Vito Coppola.

In the end it was Ellie Taylor who got booted off the show after struggling to impress with her Thelma & Louise-themed performance during Saturday night’s live edition.

Shirley has come under fire several times for her marking on the show, but she hit back at rumours in a recent interview with HOAR.

Speaking at the TV Choice Awards, she said: “It’s a load of rubbish. I’m going to repeat the word rubbish.

“What I love about Fleur is you could see talent from the beginning. I’ve known the competitive boys and girls on the show for so many years and when I give constructive feedback they’re making notes and taking it on board and look at that Samba. 

“I have never in 20 years of watching Dancing With The Stars or Strictly seen a Samba like that lady did. She’s just put herself in the running.”

Actor Will Mellor was top of the leaderboard last week