Landing in Strictly dance off was a shock but I refuse to play it safe this week, says Molly Rainford


STRICTLY Come Dancing star Molly Rainford has told how being in the nerve-wracking Dance Off has “lit a fire” for her to power through the rest of the competition.

CBBC host Molly, 21, and Strictly Come Dancing pro Carlos Gu, 28, landed in the bottom two last month after the judges were less than impressed by their fun-filled Couple’s Choice routine.

Strictly Come Dancing star Molly Rainford has exclusively opened up to SE about facing her first Dance Off

Molly and Strictly pro left the judges less than impressed with their Couple’s Choice routine

The dance duo were given their lowest score yet of just 30 points with a 6/8/8/8.

She has previously addressed their successful Dance Off which saved their show spot, but has now exclusively told SE she is using the shock as ammunition.

Actress and singer Molly said: “No matter the result at the weekend, you have to go into the new week like it’s a new week and a new dance.

“But I feel like being in the bottom two has definitely lit a fire in me, it’s shown me how much I really do want to be here and it’s also made it quite apparent that I am in a competition.

“There is that risk so I’m definitely not going to play it safe this week.”

Molly, who picked up her scores with a routine to Kate Bush track Running Up That Hill this weekend, added to us: “There are times when I think, ‘How am I going to get this by Saturday?’ and then after a couple of days you pick it up.

“So I think it’s just having a break because if you do too much work on it you start making silly mistakes.

“You become too obsessed with the little details.”?

Talking of ultimately picking up the Glitter Ball trophy when the show wraps, she gushed: “I’d love to, especially because it’s Carlos’ first year as well, it would be such an amazing experience.

“I know now more than ever that I don’t want to leave this competition.”

Molly recently addressed her first Strictly dance off.

She said: “I completely get what they were saying, I guess with the theme tune and everything it wasn’t quite as exciting as some of our dances have been because there wasn’t a lot of places to take it. So it was more down to us to take it somewhere else…”

She added: “That was tough. I definitely had to hold back some tears because I was having so much fun and this can’t be my last dance you know? And I hope I haven’t let Carlos down because he’s been such an amazing partner and I didn’t want it to end there.

“It was a tough night.”

The duo survived their dance off as Jayde was sent home

Molly has pledged to ‘not play it safe this week’