Matt Hancock shocks I’m A Celeb camp as he reveals family was almost evicted


MATT Hancock shocked the I’m A Celebrity camp when he revealed that his family was almost evicted by bailiffs when he was a teenager.

After other stars described tough times growing up, Seann Walsh jokingly asked: “Did you have the bailiffs round yours, Matt?”

Matt Hancock said ‘When the business nearly went bust we nearly lost everything’

But the comedian and former Strictly Come Dancing competitor, 36, was surprised by the Tory MP’s response.

The former Health Secretary said: “When the business nearly went bust we nearly lost everything.

“You know when you type your postcode into the internet and it brings up your address?

“My stepdad wrote that software.

“The business started in ’88 and in the early ’90s is when it nearly went bust.”

The 44-year-old MP for West Suffolk added: “We were going to lose the house.

“Both my stepdad and mum were going to lose their jobs.

“That was pretty harrowing. I was about 14.”