Seann Walsh says his ex-girlfriend ‘ended’ his career as he opens up on kissing Strictly scandal on I’m A Celebrity


SEANN Walsh has opened up about how his ex-girlfriend “ended” his career as he addressed the Strictly kiss scandal on I’m A Celeb.

The comedian finally opened up about his snog with Katya Jones as he was grilled by his co-stars on falling for the Strictly curse in 2018.

Seann told Sue that the kiss with Katya “ended” his career

He opened up on what happened with his “poor ex girlfriend”

Seann, 34, told his I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here campmates that he was “ended” by his “poor ex-girlfriend” in an online statement.

Rebecca Humphries was left devastated in 2018 when Seann cheated on her with his Strictly dance partner Katya on a boozy night out.

Recalling the event to campmate Sue Cleaver, Seann said: “Me and my dance partner, who was married – I was in a relationship – we were photographed kissing when we were on Strictly Come Dancing.”

Sue, 59, probed further on the incident: “Why did that crucify you? Why did that have such an impact?”

Seann went on: “To be totally honest with you, my poor ex, my girlfriend at the time, posted a statement. My girlfriend [at the time] posted a statement and that was the end of me.

“I said sorry. I sat on Jonathan Ross’s TV show and apologised. I sat next to and Samuel L. Jackson and apologised.

“That will forever be the weirdest moment of my life and I have to say probably the worst moment of my life.”

Sean continued in the Bush Telegraph: “That’s something in my life that I don’t want to go back to.

“Obviously I knew it would come up. They come up so naturally here. I just want to move on.

“I just want to be clear in that I’m very sorry about what happened and I really want this to be a positive experience and it really has been. I want to come out of here and move forward.”  

Today, Seann was slammed as a “toxic gaslighter” by his ex Rebecca, who ended things with the comedian in 2018.

Rebecca revealed how she underwent therapy to help her with trust issues after the relationship broke down.

Writing about her relationship with Seann, whose cheating scandal came to light on Rebecca’s birthday, she coined him as “toxic.”

Rebecca said: “For a brief while, I was one half of the poster couple for toxic love. I hadn’t even known that love shouldn’t look like it did for us, that an insidious loss of joy, opinion and confidence wasn’t what was required of me.

“I just thought relationships took work and compromise, and weren’t always plain sailing, and a whole host of other unhelpful soundbites I had filed away over the years to justify the daily pain.

“Here’s something else about toxicity – once you know about it, you see it everywhere. After I left him, my eyes were open to the toxic messages rammed into pop culture.”

Rebecca continued to write in The Guardian that Seann was a “gaslighter,” adding: “In the two years after the Strictly incident, I worked very hard pulling out of my body the sticky, tar-like residue that gaslighting leaves you with. I met someone new.”