Strictly bosses hunt for mole who leaks which celeb is voted off before results show


STRICTLY Come Dancing bosses have been hunting for the mole who has been leaking which celeb is voted off before the results show.

Last night, fans of the BBC One dancing competition were left in sock as a leak revealed the two celebrities in the dance off.

The latest Strictly dance off result has been leaked

The judges have to decide which celeb will be the third to leave in tonight’s show

Bosses of Strictly are becoming increasingly concerned as fans have the results show ruined by leaked information online.

The leaking is possible as Sunday night’s results show is filmed “live” after Saturday night’s show – with the audience sworn to secrecy.

However, last night – the results of which two celebrities ended up in the dance off were spoiled again in a series of Twitter posts.

SE will not reveal the name or the identities of who is in the dance off, which have not been verified, so as not to spoil the show.

Last week, Twitter was also inundated with posts that Richie Anderson had been voted out – proved true in the results show.

A Strictly Come Dancing insider told The Mail On Sunday: “For years, the audience didn’t twig the Sunday show was pre-recorded, but recently results have been leaked, spoiling the suspense.

“Those running the show want to find out who is leaking and fast. What’s really baffling them is that it must be the same person.”

The audience at Strictly Come Dancing have their phones removed during filming, with the crowd made up of family and friends of those taking part and members of the public.

Now, pressure is being put on the BBC show to film their shows separately – to prevent the results show from being spoiled.

While this format took place until 2008, it was changed as the late Bruce Forsyth struggled to host two nights in a row.

Today, some Strictly viewers who could not wait for the results show to air have taken to Twitter to discuss the latest potential outcome as another celebrity exits the competition.

One wrote: “I’m so shocked about the dance off! I could cry!”

Another added: “Christ, didn’t expect that couple to be in the dance off? Right decision though completely.”

A third tweeted: “Actually gasped at one of the bottom two result!”

Strictly Come Dancing’s Results Show airs at 7.15pm on BBC One