Strictly Come Dancing’s Tyler West reveals injury in extremely private place


STRICTLY favourite Tyler West says his pro dance partner Dianne Buswell keeps kicking him in the glitter balls.

The 6ft 3in radio DJ has impressed with his moves but behind the scenes he is battling to keep up with pint-size Dianne.

The Strictly favourite revealed he is struggling to keep up with partner Dianne

Tyler has revealed he’s ‘wrecked his body’ – and has been kicked in a particularly private place

Tyler told SE: “I’ve been kicked in my golden glitter balls so many times, I cannot tell you!

“You go through trials and tribulations, things are bruised that perhaps shouldn’t be, but it’s the dangers of doing Strictly.

“I’ve wrecked my body. I’m feeling the pressure.

“Dianne’s been like my drill sergeant because her favourite word is ‘again’.

“She lets me get my breath back and then makes me dig deeper and run the routine again.

“I think it’s improved my stamina. But the Strictly physios are on top of my care.

“Also I’ve had a session in a cryo chamber. I hate the cold but it helps with muscle recovery and I’m going to need that to survive.”

The Kiss FM host, 26, has put his body through more than most of his rivals on the BBC dance show.

He ran the London Marathon a day after performing his jive and this week flew 12,000 miles to his brother’s Mauritius wedding for just three hours before heading back to Britain.

But after getting 37 points last weekend, Tyler is keen to keep up the momentum.

And he says Dianne, 33, who is dating her 2018 celeb partner Joe Sugg, has her sights set on top marks.

Tyler explained: “She knows that I can do better.

“Dianne’s manifesting a 40. She believes it’ll happen.

“I mean, it would be great, wouldn’t it? It would be the most surreal feeling.

“I never once imagined to be on the telly doing these moves. So to get a high score would be insane. I’d lose my head, to be honest.

“I’ve said to Dianne if we get to the final I’ll dye my hair red like hers.
“Let’s set that dancefloor on fire as two redheads.”