Strictly fans convinced there’s a secret feud between Helen Skelton and show judge after as they ‘spot signs for weeks’


STRICTLY Come Dancing fans think Helen Skelton has been secretly feuding with head judge Shirley Ballas.

Throughout the series, viewers have spotted what they believe are signs pointing to the strife and think it could hinder Helen when it comes to winning the competition.

Helen Skelton has impressed in the competition so far

Fans think there might be some beef with Shirley

One of the first things fans have spotted is that Hamza often gets higher scores than Helen, when they believe she should get more.

“What’s wrong with Shirley and Motsi, placing Hamza over Helen? I love Hamza but Helen’s dancing was way better than his tonight #Strictly.” Moaned one fan.

A second clue for many was that Shirley didn’t appear to stand and clap for Helen – but she did for others.

“So shirley stood for everyone but helen…or did i miss that lol #Strictly,” remarked a Strictly lover.

And viewers think the third and probably most obvious hint is that Shirley often appears to address Gorka instead of Helen.

A Twitter user commented: “Of course, Shirley focuses on Gorka and not Helen. Why am I surprised? #strictly.”

“Really weird watching Shirley address her entire critique for Helen to Gorka? #Strictly,” said another.

While a further person added: “Why did Shirley base her whole critique on how well Gorka did? Nothing abt Helen at all…? #Strictly.”

Helen has been a bookies’ favourite from the off, but is yet to be blessed with a full score of 40.

This week’s Musicals theme could change all that, though, as the telly host has revealed that she has previous experience on the West End.

Helen took part in two productions on the same night as part of a Red Nose Day challenge in 2013 while she was a presenter on Blue Peter.

The task saw her join the casts of Stomp and We Will Rock You.

This weekend, Helen will dress as Sally Bowles for a Couple’s Choice dance to Mein Herr from Cabaret.

Viewers spotted that Shirley appears to address Gorka instead of Helen