Strictly star Jayde Adams slams show’s fans after being attacked over Amy Dowden ‘snub’


STRICTLY’S Jayde Adams today slammed the show’s fans after being attacked over an Amy Dowden “snub'”.

The comedian, who throughout the series expertly handled cruel trolls, has revealed the latest abusive email she has received.

Jayde Adams has revealed she has been trolled again

It was after Jayde voted Amy off on The Weakest Link

Jayde received trolling during her stint on Strictly

It all started after Jayde, 38, appeared on the Strictly special edition of The Weakest Link alongside pro dancer Amy Dowden,

The show sees contestants aim to create a chain of correct answers to bank big money – but each round one is voted off as the weakest link.

During the show, Jayde voted off Amy and one fan took the cruel step of sending a vicious email in response.

In an email shared with the star’s Instagram followers – with the subject “Complaint about you voting off Amy Dowden in the weakest link” – the disgruntled fan wrote: ‘Jayde, You really upset me by voting Amy Dowden off on the weakest link as she is my favourite dancer and I love her.

“You are obviously jealous of her figure and beautiful looks.

“It was really mean of you, she is a maths genius and maths is the hardest thing in the world. At least she lasted longer than you on Strictly, bye.”

But not taking the abuse lying down, Jayde responded with: “Goodbye to the core Strictly fandom. I’m going to miss your weird emails.

“With all the love and compassion in the world; please don’t come to my tour next year.’

Meanwhile, previously chatting to Krupa Padhy on BBC Sounds Woman’s Hour, Jayde admitted she chooses to tackle the insults and trolls as they will “never stop”.

She explained: “I knew it was going to happen to me because every time I’m on TV someone comments on my weight, I just knew it was going to happen.

“I could do one of two things, I could ignore it, or I could tackle it. I found it funny, I could show people who follow me some resilience.”

She continued: “Someone wrote, ‘this is Jayde Adam’s rocking up to Strictly’, with a picture of the Michelin Man, and I laughed!”

The Strictly star went on to say: “I don’t want people to say stuff like that but these people want to have a reaction.”

“The most useful thing to do it to not get at them, it’s to show resilience because it’s never going to stop.”

Shortly after her Strictly exit, and speaking about her time on the show Jayde told fans: “I had the time of my life! Don’t worry about me my babes.”

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