Strictly viewers all spot ‘cheeky’ moment in middle of results show – did you spot it?


Strictly Come Dancing fans accused the BBC of pulling a ‘cheeky’ move during the week 10 results show.

Viewers were surprised the channel decided to advertise co-host Claudia Winkleman‘s new show The Traitors right in the middle of the November 27th broadcast.

Tess interrupted the results show to plug Claudia’s new show

The promo pic for Claudia’s new series, The Traitors

Tess Daly interrupted proceedings to give Strictly fans a sneak peek of the heavily promoted series, which begins on Tuesday night.

But fans were quick to comment on the sneaky bit of cross promotion, with some unhappy because the results show was already ten minutes shorter due to the football.

One fumed: “Considering it’s a shortened show, someone has a brass neck advertising Claude’s new show in the middle of the results! Unbelievable!”

A second was even less polite, adding: “Hey! Stop advertising that Traitors nonsense right in the middle of Strictly! Looks a right load of rubbish, anyway.”

A third said: “Dropping Claudia’s chat with the judges in favour for an advert for The Traitors <3”

“Why are they advertising this in the middle of Strictly?” weighed in a fourth.

A fifth pointed out: “A bit cheeky plugging another show in the middle of Strictly”

And a sixth said: “Plugging Claud’s Mafia teambuilding game ripoff, is it”

Not everyone was cross though, with many saying they couldn’t wait to tune into the atmospheric new offering.

I’m so watching The Traitors,” one excited fan gushed.

A second chipped in: “I’m so excited for the new reality show coming out on Tuesday night presented by @ClaudiaWinkle it’s called #TheTraitors it’s like a cluedo style reality TV show. I can’twait to see what it’s all about.””

The series is an intense psychological game in which players have to complete tasks while working out who they can trust.

It is filmed in the Scottish highlands and the BBC are so confident it will be a hit, they have already commissioned a second series.

The clip showed Claudia in a hooded outfit with her fingers to her lips

Some of the contestants from the new show