Strictly’s James Jordan defends shock comment about wife Ola’s weight gain


JAMES Jordan has defended his shock comments about wife Ola’s three stone weight gain.

The former Strictly Come Dancing professional recently left some people outraged when he confessed he preferred his wife “smaller”.

James has defended his comments about wife Ola’s weight gain

The former Strictly stars previously opened up about piling on the pounds

After receiving backlash, James, 44, has insisted he stands by his initial comments.

He said: “Hang on one second, you’re not allowed to be honest today in this world.

“There’s no man, let me tell you ladies out there, there’s no man in the world who will say, ‘Oh no, I much prefer my wife being much bigger and heavier’. There’s no man, they don’t exist.”

Speaking to the Express, James added: “They might tell you, ‘Oh you look lovely darling’ but would they prefer you slimmer? Yes they would. That’s just a fact, I’m just telling you that every single man 100 per cent feels that way.”

And he’s once again been hit with negative comments, with one person tweeting: “James Jordan is one of the most ignorant and misogynistic men to ever walk this earth.

“So women aren’t attractive to ANY MAN ON EARTH if they’re packing a few pounds after GIVING BIRTH? I’m surprised he has a wife at all.”

Someone else added: “Big words coming from a man like that. He must literally think he’s James Bond or something. Lol.”

James sparked outrage after Ola, 40, showed off her curvier figure in August.

At the time he told SE: “Sex is definitely not better with the mum and dad bods, I can’t throw her about any more like I am used to doing.

“I will say I prefer Ola smaller. Of course, I still love her and fancy her.”

James, who has also put on five stone, added: “We know exactly why we’ve got bigger — we’ve eaten more and moved less.

“It’s bad that my gut just hangs over the top of my trousers, it’s like a proper old beer belly.

“And it’s annoying because I’m quite hairy, and sometimes my belly hair gets stuck in my belt, which is really weird.

“It’s bad lifestyle choices we’ve made because of different reasons, like lockdown, we both grieved very heavily with my dad’s death, and I stopped smoking.”