Who is Strictly Come Dancing 2022 star Hamza Yassin and is he married?


HAMZA Yassin became an instant hit, when he took to the dancefloor on Strictly Come Dacing.

The Countryfile star has proved he knows what he is doing when it comes to fancy footwork.

Hamza Yassin is a Countryfile and Strictly star

Who is Hamza Yassin?

Born on February 22, 1990, cameraman and presenter Hamza Yassin is popular with fans of BBC show Countryfile, as well as those tuning into Springwatch and Animal Park.

He moved to Scotland from Sudan when he was young, before studying zoology at Bangor University.

Hamza then honed his camera skills with a Masters in Biological Photography and Imaging from the University of Nottingham.

More4 viewers have also been following his series, Scotland: Escape to the Wilderness.

Is Hamza Yassin married and does she have any children?

As of December 2022, Hamza is a single man.

Speaking The Guardian he said it had been hard for him to find a partner.

Explaining, he told the publication: “My job doesn’t really allow for a relationship.

“How can you sustain a relationship, like: ‘I’m sending you a text message from a satellite phone because I’m in the Arctic for two months.'”

What has Hamza Yassin said about being on Strictly?

On August 11, 2022 Hamza was revealed as the eleventh celebrity to be taking part in Strictly 2022.

He told BBC Radio Scotland at the time: “I’m sure all of the contestants for Strictly this year got a phone call saying that they are going to be on Strictly, whereas for me, I’m the odd one out.

“I got a satellite text message notification from my agent saying in capital letters ‘you are on Strictly woop, woop!’

“For me I was over the moon. I could only celebrate by myself because I couldn’t tell anybody. So it was me and the wildlife just raving it up really!

“It’s been an amazing, amazing experience so far and I’m sure being on the show is going to be even better.

“I honestly can’t wait. I’m over the moon.”

Is Hamza Yassin on Instagram?

Before going on Strictly, Hamza had a modest 11K followers, Instagram, but now has a whopping 127K fans (as of December 2022)

You can follow Hamza on his handle, @hamzayassin90.

On there he keeps fans-up-to-date with his wildlife photography and work as a cameraman and presenter.