Will Mellor hits back at Strictly judges after low marks and week of sickness saying comments were ‘a kick in the teeth’


WILL Mellor has hit back at the Strictly judges at their low marks after his week of being sick.

The 46-year-old was awarded just 23 out of 40 on Saturday night for his rumba with pro dancer Nancy Xu, 31.

Will Mellor has hit back at the judges harsh critique of his performance from Saturday night’s show

Will was very ill last week and tried his best on the dance floor

Last week Will barely had any time to rehearse because he was struck down with the flu.

He was also bed bound for a number of days.

Despite his illness, he tried his best during the live show, but it clearly wasn’t enough – and Strictly fans went on to slam the ‘harsh’ judges for criticising his routine after being unwell.

Speaking out about the marks, Will told the Mail Online: “I find being criticised by the judges hard. I find being criticised hard as a person.

“Some people can let it go over them, but I find it hard to hide my
emotions. You know how I’m feeling, and I can’t help that.

“I was disappointed by the judges’ comments because I really tried my best but we are there to be judged so I have to take the rough with the smooth.

“I got some good comments in week one and two and then I found myself second to the bottom of the leader board and it wasn’t easy to take, especially because I wasn’t feeling well and I was feeling sorry for myself.

“When you get it right it is the best feeling in the world because all
your emotion comes out, your nerves, it’s a sense of achievement when you finish and do it well.

“Also, if you do it and put all that effort in and get negative comments it can be a bit of a kick in the teeth but that’s part of it and I have got to get used to it.”

His score meant that he placed second last on the leader board, just in front of Matt Goss, who was awarded 20.

Will wasn’t the only one who fell ill last week.

Contestant Fleur East shared the traumatic news on the HITS radio breakfast show on Monday, as she chatted to co-host James Barr and producer Matt about last week at Strictly.

The radio host explained: “There were a few mentions on Saturday night, but it was a tough week for a lot of people in the competition.”

She continued, “Hamza [Yassin] was very, very sick, so was Will [Mellor] and so was Kym [Marsh] and we didn’t say anything on Saturday but Vito [Coppola] was really ill last week too.”

“I got one full day of rehearsal with him.”