Amazon PS5 restock set to drop TODAY


ALMOST one year into the newest console generation, gamers are still struggling to get hold of hardware.

But this week is seeing more PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks, with Amazon set to drop one today.

Sony PS5

The news comes via PS5 stock tracking Twitter account, GYXDeals, which shared a screenshot of the listing page on Amazon.

“Expect a drop today, either within the next hour OR after 6AM PST,” it tweeted earlier this morning.

It added that, as per the screenshot, Prime members will be given priority access.

Fellow PS5 stock tracker, Jake Randall, chimed in to back up the account, saying it’s a “very reliable Amazon source”.

The drop didn’t happen within an hour of the tweet so we’re keeping an eye on Amazon.

If the stock tracker is right, the PS5 restock should go live at 6am PST / 9am EST.

There is some confusion over the Prime members priority access.

The screenshot from Amazon says that Prime members will have priority access until September 21, 2021.

In case you’re still bleary-eyed and have no idea what day it is, that’s today.

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial, or you can try your luck on the site without a Prime membership.

Best Buy is having a PS5 and Xbox Series X restock this week but it’s in-store so things could get frantic.

The Call of Duty: Vanguard beta has been extended until Wednesday, so make sure you give it a whirl.

Xbox players should be warned that there’s a graphical bug that’s making the game unplayable for some. There’s a workaround but it’s not guaranteed to solve the issue.