Best Call of Duty guns for Warzone Season 3 revealed by pro Twitch streamer Jgod


A PRO gamer has revealed what he believes are the five best guns for dominating Call of Duty Warzone following its latest update.

Twitch star Jgod says the MAC-10, AK-47, LC10, Bullfrog and the FARA are now top of the pile when it comes to close quarters firefights.

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Call of Duty Warzone Season Three launched worldwide last week

They’ll come in handy following the drop of Warzone Season Three, the a major update to the free-to-play shooter rolled out worldwide last week.

US game developer Raven introduced a new map as well as changes to Warzone’s guns that have made some better and some worse than before.

It’s left players scrambling to figure out which weapons can give them the edge during the game’s intense shootouts.

In a YouTube video posted April 23, Jgod listed what he says are the best firearms for close quarters combat.

The game is gearing up for some major changes

“As of the Season Three update … several changes made certain weapons better, and others worse,” he told his 930,000 YouTube subscribers.

“We’ll discuss that, and see why certain weapons are better in the close-range meta.”

Jgod said the five guns he selected are based on the TTK (Time To Kill) at various distances and where shots land.

The FARA and AK-47 are lethal due to their mobility and excellent damage, killing foes quickly at close range with just a few chest shots.

However, if you’re a crack shot, the Bullfrog is deadly provided you’re adept at hitting headshots.

This is the Season 3 roadmap, as revealed by Activision

What is Warzone Season Three?

The biggest change introduced with Season Three is an all-new Warzone map.

Verdansk was nuked at the end of Season Two, leaving behind a largely barren wasteland in the form of Verdansk ’84.

There are new Operators, with Wraith landing in launch week.

She’ll be follow later in season by Knight and Antonov.

You’re getting six new weapons, including the iconic PPSh submachine gun.

And there are four new multiplayer maps incoming.

There’s Yamantau in launch week, which is a 6v6 map set at the crumbled remains of a Soviet observatory.

There’s also Diesel, which offers 6v6 gameplay as well as 2v2 and 3v3 Gunfights.

Standoff is another 6v6 map, but the Black Ops 2 remake won’t arrive until mid-season.

And then there’s Duga, a Multi-Team map coming in-season – set in the Ural Mountains.

There are new vehicles, Zombies content and more coming too.


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What do you make of Warzone Season 3? Let us know in the comments!

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