Call of Duty on Nintendo will be the same as the Xbox version


A STATEMENT from Nintendo and Microsoft has confirmed that the Call of Duty games coming to Nintendo will be the same as the Xbox versions.

In December, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, announced that Microsoft had signed a ten-year deal with Nintendo.

Phil Spencer announced the deal.

The deal will only be valid if Microsoft’s purchase of publisher Activision Blizzard is approved.

Microsoft offered the company almost $70billion (£58billion) to acquire the company.

Since then, commissions around the world have been discussing whether the merger would cause a monopoly in the gaming industry.

Spencer claims that as soon as the deal was accepted, he contacted Sony and offered them a 10-year deal for the publisher’s most popular series, Call of Duty.

However, Sony reportedly never responded to the offer, and since then Nintendo accepted a similar deal with Xbox.

The deal not only states that Call of Duty will be published on Nintendo consoles for 10 years after the acquisition but that the game will be the same as the Xbox version.

A statement written by the companies reads “Microsoft and Nintendo have now negotiated and signed a binding 10-year legal agreement to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo players.

“The same day as Xbox, and with full feature and content parity, so they can experience Call of Duty just as Xbox and PlayStation gamers enjoy Call of Duty.

“We are committed to providing long term equal access to Call of Duty, bringing more choice to more players and more competition to the gaming market.”

This last comment alludes to Sony’s claims that the proposed acquisition would cause а lack of competition in the gaming market.

Microsoft has refuted these claims and says that it will continue to deliver Activision Blizzard products on other platforms.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.