Call of Duty teases new Warzone mode with staggering 200 players in a single game


 CALL of Duty may be adding an intense 200-player mode to Warzone.

Game-maker Infinity Ward tested the mode before launch – and a recent slip-up hinted that it would enter the live game.

Warzone is a hugely popular Call of Duty Modern Warfare spin-off game

Warzone is the popular free-to-play portion of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Anyone can play the game without paying for Modern Warfare itself.

It’s a Fortnite-style Battle Royale, where players – alone or as part of a “squad” – fight and flee to remain the last person(s) standing.

Currently, Warzone pits as many as 150 players against each other.

This screenshot is one piece of evidence for a 200-player mode coming to Warzone

But it’s looking increasingly likely that a 200-player mode will make its way to Warzone too.

Twitter user @DissolvexD – who shares gaming news – posted a screenshot of Warzone letting new players know what to expect.

And in the screenshot, a 200-player mode called BR 200 can be seen in the background.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Infinity Ward head Patrick Kelly previously said that a 200-player mode would be added at some point after launch.

Call of Duty has just marked the beginning of its Season 4 too.

That means we’re expecting major changes to the game over the coming weeks and months – as part of the Season 4 shenanigans.

Of course, Infinity Ward hasn’t confirmed that a 200-player mode is coming any time soon.

And it’s entirely possible that any plans to launch such a mode have been scrapped.

However, evidence appears to be mounting that a 200-player mode is on the cards for Warzone gamers.

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