Diablo 4 fans slam ‘unfair’ challenge set by creators – influencers given ‘advantage’ over fans


DIABLO 4 has set a challenge for fans just days before the game’s release.

However, players aren’t happy, saying that many have an unfair advantage.

Diablo 4 has deep customer creation options.

Diablo 4 is asking its fans to reach the maximum level cap of 100 as quickly as possible.

The first a thousand people to do so will have their username written forever on a Statue of Lilith at studio Blizzard.

Statues of Lilith can be found around Diablo 4 and give a blessing that boosts your stats.

However, the prize relates to a real-life statue that has been built at the studio.

Millions want to claim the prize and are disappointed at Blizzard for how the challenge has been announced.

Firstly, the challenge begins on June 1, 2023, which is when early access starts.

Those who order the Ultimate Edition gain access five days earlier than those who buy the standard release that launches on June 6.

This will give those who pay more for Diablo 4 a clear advantage that many think is unfair.

While anyone with enough money can gain access to Diablo 4 on June 1, there’s another set of players that fans have complained about.

Streamers, content creators, influencers and reviewers had a few weeks with the game, though their progress has now been deleted.

Still, these players will have a good idea of Diablo’s map and quests and could rush to the end game.

Diablo 4’s associate director, Joseph Piepiora, claims that the average player will need around 150 hours spent in-game to reach the level cap.

However, hardcore and experienced players could likely reach the cap in under 100 hours.

This gives those with early access and prior knowledge a clear advantage over those who are new to the game.

All players were invited to take part in a beta test, but this was limited to the game’s first area.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.