Diablo dev shares surprising game detail – and long-time fans are shocked by the change


DIABLO 4 was released last week, and it’s proved a hit with fans and newcomers alike.

Developer Blizzard revealed it was their fastest-selling game ever, appropriately passing $666 million in sales earlier this week.

Diablo 4 has seen critical and commercial success following last week’s launch.

It has been a critical success too. 

We had a lot of good things to say in our Diablo 4 review, and the Xbox Series X version has a score of 92 on Metacritic.

This makes it higher-rated than both the second and third games in the series.

With the promise of regular content updates in a live-service style in the coming months, this early success indicates Diablo 4’s post-launch content will keep the game alive for a long time to come.

Series general manager Rod Fergusson spoke about how Diablo 4 was intended for fans of the classic games.

Fergusson says: “With Diablo 4, we wanted to go back to the roots of the series. 

“This dark moody experience that made players fall in love with Diablo in the first place.

“This is the perfect time for both long-time fans and newcomers to immerse themselves in Sanctuary.”

The team wanted to put a greater emphasis on community and multiplayer with Diablo 4.

With co-op play available from the moment you start, Fergusson explains that he wanted people to be playing the game together as much as possible.

This is a complete departure for the series which is known for its popular single-player experience.

He says: “While all the content can be done completely solo, the shared open world not only allows players to team up and conquer challenges.

“[It] also fosters an environment where every encounter can be unique and unpredictable.”

Of course, plenty of players come into Diablo 4 with years of experience under their belt, and the team wanted to cater to their skill level as well as newcomers.

Character building is a very in-depth process that branches out into many different playstyles.

Plus, the game has its fair share of challenging encounters and boss fights, with future content likely ramping it up from the base game.

He explains: “Diablo 4 is designed to provide a challenging experience that rewards skillful play.

“We’ve carefully crafted the game’s difficulty curve to provide a sense of accomplishment with each triumph.

“With four tiers of difficulty settings, Diablo 4 ensures that players seeking a true test of their abilities will find it in the deepest corners of Sanctuary.”

Diablo 4 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.