Diablo players slam hardcore competition – winner crowned before game even releases


DIABLO 4 players are furious after a winner is announced for its hardcore competition before the game is even out.

Officially launching on June 6, some have been able to get access to Diablo 4 since Friday.

Players are disappointed they won’t get their chance to shine.

In order to gain early access, players had to purchase the deluxe edition, which gives people a few days early access.

This version costs £20 ($20) more than the standard edition, leading many to accuse the competition of being “pay-to-win”.

The competition offers players to get their names carved on the Statue of Lilith at Blizzard’s studio.

In order to earn the prize, players had to reach level 100 in Diablo 4’s Hardcore Mode, which features perma-death.

The first a thousand players will be immortalised at Blizzard, but places are already being taken.

As discovered by GamesRadar+, the first player to reach level 100 has already been crowned.

Streamer cArn_ is the first to reach level 100, with his party Nugiyen, Zizaran, and Steelmage not far behind.

Playing as a group highly increases your chances of survival, and gives you more options for grinding experience.

Wudijo is currently predicted to be the first solo player to reach the goal, and is currently around level 85.

These streamers have been grinding the game since its release, making it even more difficult for ‘normal’ players.

Not only do deluxe players get several days head start, but as they stream games as their jobs, they are able to spend far more time in-game. 

It is unlikely that Blizzard will change its decision concerning the competition, especially as a winner has already been announced.

However, players hope that the company considers these issues for competitions in the future.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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