Earn FUT packs for free by watching FIFA 23 events —here’s how with FGS swaps


FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is FIFA 23’s most popular mode, and players can earn free cards to use in game by watching FIFA 23 games.

While the system can seem a little confusing, we’ve outlined everything here so you can sit back, watch the games, and reap the rewards.

The rarer the pack the more likely to pull top players like De Bruyne.

The rewards system is part of FIFA 23’s esports scene called FIFA Global Series (FGS).

Here’s everything you need to know about FGS swaps:

What are FGS swap tokens?

FGS is official esports matches played in FIFA 23, and livestreamed via Twitch.

If FIFA 23 players watch one hour of an event, then they will earn one FGS token.

This is limited to one token per FGS event the player watches.

Players can then exchange their tokens for FUT packs. 

You can save up your tokens, and the more tokens you exchange, the rarer the FUT pack you earn.

This means that it could be worth saving up your FGS tokens in order to go for rarer FUT cards.

Which FUT packs can be earned for FGS tokens?

There are four different FUT packs you can earn in exchange for FGS tokens.

The cheapest pack is the Premium Gold Pack which can be swapped for one FGS token and usually costs 7,500 FUT coins.

Two FGS tokens can be exchanged for the Premium Gold Players Pack worth 25,000 FUT coins in the in-game store.

Three FGS tokens will earn you the Prime Gold Players Pack which is worth 45,000 FUT coins.

Finally, four tokens will net the pricey Jumbo Rare Players Pack, coming in at a whopping 100,000 FUT coins.

When can I earn FGS tokens?

There are 11 FGS events which are taking place between now and the end of January, where you can earn FGS tokens.

Only one FGS token can be earned per event no matter how long you watch.

You will not earn a FGS token if you watch an event for less than one hour.

The first event takes place on Monday, October 17 from 6pm to 9pm UK time.

There will be an event every Monday from then up to and including Monday, January 16.

Two further events will take place on Wednesday, January 18, and Saturday, January 21.

How can I earn FGS tokens?

In order to earn FGS tokens, you need to link your Twitch and your EA account which you use to play FIFA 23.

Log in with the same Twitch account and watch one of the FGS events on EA Sports official Twitch channel.

Once you have watched an hour of a FGS event, you will earn one token.

Your token will then be transferred into your game automatically within 24 hours of earning your reward.

To find out more about the reward scheme, visit the official website.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.