Easy PS5 and PS4 platinum trophies – how to get your score up with these games


FOR SOME PlayStation fans, hunting down trophies is as much fun as conquering a Dark Souls boss or swinging above the streets of New York as Spiderman.

But not all trophies are created equal. Some are far easier to unlock than others, offering a quick way to boost your virtual collection.

Tales from Borderlands has a pretty easy platinum trophy on offer

Trophies are awarded for a range of achievements, such as beating games, finding collectibles, or completing certain tasks.

They range in difficulty from gold trophies for hard-to-beat challenges to bronze trophies for assignments that don’t eat up too many hours.

Platinum trophies are the crème de la crème of the trophy-hunting world, rewarded for attaining every trophy a game has to offer.

It’s a challenging feat for longer games, requiring patient gamers to sweep up every collectible and explore every virtual nook and cranny.

Gamers can also bag a platinum trophy pretty quickly on Goat Simulator

However, some games offer relatively easy platinum trophies that take just a few hours to obtain.

In a recent feature, Gamerant highlighted what is says are the 15 easiest platinum trophies to get on the PlayStation 4.

As most PS4 games are compatible with the PlayStation 5, the list also applies to anyone who’s got their hands on Sony’s next-generation console.

Check out the list below for a quick and easy way to boost your trophy count – and happy hunting!

Easiest platinum trophies

  1. Déraciné
  2. Donut County
  3. Slyde
  4. Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture
  5. The Order: 1886
  6. My Name Is Mayo
  7. Nubla
  8. Tales From The Borderlands
  9. Life Is Strange
  10. Infamous: First Light
  11. Color Guardians
  12. Arise: A Simple Story
  13. The Little Acre
  14. Until Dawn
  15. Goat Simulator

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