Erling Haaland reveals ‘embarrassing’ video game favourite – and here’s just how devoted he is


AFTER a record-breaking 3-0 victory over West Ham, Erling Haaland said he was going to unwind with a video game.

However, the Man City striker refused to open up about which game it was, saying it’s “too embarrassing”.

His insta post show his dedication and impressive build.

He seems to have changed his mind, revealing on Instagram his secret gaming pleasure. 

The post showed a screenshot of Haaland playing Minecraft, the most popular video game of all time.

While people probably have already seen the image circulating on social media, it’s interesting to see just how dedicated he is.

Minecraft is a world-building game, where you collect and craft items to build pretty much anything you want.

Everything from grand mansions, to the entirety of Middle Earth have been recreated in the game by dedicated fans. 

Haaland showed himself and a group of friends he marked with #Squad as they were about to enter an End portal.

These are doorways to the final boss of Minecraft, the Ender Dragon, meaning Haaland was about to finish the story part of the game.

It’s likely not the first time Haaland faced Minecraft’s final boss, as he has a full set of armour made from Diamonds.

This is one of the rarer and sturdier materials you can find in the game and perfect for taking on tough enemies.

A number of footballers have revealed that they are into video games, but they are usually into FIFA or first-person shooters.

Neymar was spotted on Twitter begging for access to CS2, while Messi can be found as a playable character in PUBG.

Haaland may have been embarrassed about his love of Minecraft as players tend to skew younger, though many start playing as kids, and continue into adulthood.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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