ESO patch notes: 5 biggest changes in update 1.28.2


A SMALL but important update has been released for the console versions of The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online recently saw the High Isle added in a major update, and this patch seeks to fix and tweak some aspects of it.

Tales of Tribute is one of High Isle’s biggest features.

This update is only available on the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game, as a separate patch was released for the PC version earlier this week.

We’ll take you through all the biggest additions and changes made by this update, and how they’ll affect your experience.

Tales of Tribute changes – ESO

One of the most significant parts of the High Isle has seen quite a few aspects tweaked in this patch.

Stuff like this is especially needed with the Lost Depths DLC coming soon.

A couple of issues have been fixed surrounding daily quests and the cursor-targeting mode not going away once you’re done with a match.

Daily quests will now give more Tales of Tribute club rank experience. You will now gain 25, 50, or 75 experience depending on wins.

Tideborn Taleria

This boss has gotten a small but meaningful change. The active combat text has been altered so that it refers to the correct name.

Now, rather than listing a “Tideborn Tale as old as time” it properly refers to the Tideborn Taleria.

Ember unhidden

A general change to those who enjoy dyeing their outfits, as the option for the Ember colour is no longer hidden behind a menu panel.

Champion System refunds

When the High Isle update launched, several Champion skills were altered to have their Champion Point cost reduced.

Now, if you had already bought one of those skills before the cost reduction, you will be refunded Champion Points to reflect the new cost of those skills.

The Warrior’s Call fixed

This quest has undergone a small fix, as Titus Valerius the quest-giver, will follow you around normally while inside the Ruined Library.

For the full patch notes, check out the post on The Elder Scrolls Online forums.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.