FIFA 23 brings back Career Mode with some big upgrades


FIFA 23 is bringing back career mode with some much needed upgrades to the gameplay.

Career Mode used to be a popular way of enjoying FIFA games, until it fell out of mainstream success in favour for online modes.

Real managers are available for the first time.

EA Sports has now switched up the formula hoping to get more players in on the action.

Those who don’t wish to sink their lives into live service modes like the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) could see the new Career Mode as a viable alternative.

The trailer for the updated mode has just dropped, so now we know all the big changes on the way.

Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 23’s upgraded Career Mode. 

What are the changes to Player Career in FIFA 23?

FIFA’s Career Mode has been compared unfavourably to NBA’s My Career in the past, but the new updates are hoping to change that.

In FIFA 23, players will have a personality system with three distinct styles of play. 

During matches, players can earn boosts to attributes depending on how they play.

There are three pathways to unlock: Maverick, Heartbeat, and Virtuoso. 

The way in which you choose to play will earn you personality points which will go into each of these traits.

This means you can use your personality as a player to acquire bonuses in certain skills.

Players who wish to be Mavericks will earn bonuses to attributes such as shooting, attack positioning, and pace.

This is best for forwards who work hard, but also earn and spend big.

For this, think of Cristiano Ronaldo, or FIFA’s cover star for the third year in a row, Kylian Mbappé.

Those who go down the Heartbeat path are more suited to defenders or midfielders as it boosts your defensive attributes such as passing, vision, crossing, and reactions.

They spend their money on charitable causes and community outreach.

Try to gain personality points here if you want to be like Gerard Piqué or N’golo Kanté.

Those who want to be a Virtuoso will gain boosts in skills like agility, and playing with your weaker foot.

This style suits forwards or midfielders who spend their money on bettering themselves.

Virtuosos are players similar in style to Karim Benzema or Erling Haaland.

You can still gain these points during in-menu decisions.

If you reach the top of your preferred personality tree, you’ll gain a big boost in attributes and reach Absolute level.

There will also be big changes in the way that money works.

Players can now bank money that they earn as part of their contract.

This is to encourage people to negotiate for the best deal possible when transferring.

Purchasable experiences include hiring a personal trainer which gives more strength, a 25% boost on training XP, and Virtuoso points.

If you donate to local schools you will gain Heartbeat points.

While buying a luxury watch will give you Maverick points.

Some items boost two personality traits. For example buying an electric car gives both Virtuoso and Maverick points.

Players can also build relationships with teammates for better outcomes by doing things like buying them birthday presents.

There are also purchasable items which will have negative consequences and can even lose you personality points.

Money can also be invested for a chance at bigger rewards.

Each method of investment comes with a different level of risk, from phone apps, which are low risk, to high risk trades on the stock market.

As you continue your career more investment opportunities such as clothing branding will open up to you.

What are the changes to Manager Mode in FIFA 23?

While FIFA prides itself on having real life players in game, managers have been left to custom creation.

For the first time, FIFA 23 will let you choose whether to play as your own manager or choose one of over 350 real managers to play as.

Pep Guardiola, Thomas Tuchel, Jurgen Klopp, and Steven Gerrard, have all had their likeness scanned and put in the game.

EA Sports has also included new information for managers so you will know how your newest players are doing.

The board will now give players a full transfer analysis, including grading, fan reactions, and a comparison to how other players on your team are performing.

It will also let you know whether the player you just purchased was worth the money.

If you are thinking of selling, it will also let you know if you already have a suitable replacement, or if a junior player could possibly enter the big leagues.

This will make it easier than ever before to decide whether to trade away or save each player.

Fans of Create Your Club will be able to edit their club’s third kit and

You will also be able to make more changes to your clubs like editing individual player names, height and weight, appearance, positions, attributes, and even some of their animations.

What changes have been made to FIFA 23’s career mode overall?

Whether you are a manager or a player, you can save the time you spend watching each match with playable highlights.

This means instead of watching each full four minute half, you can skip to the juicy parts of each game.

As a player, you can now choose to only be involved in highlights which include your character.

Or, as a manager or player, you can choose to watch only attacking or defending highlights depending on your focus.

The highlights are based on attributes, the match up between the teams, and also take fitness and player morale into account.

FIFA 23 has added new cinematics to key moments such as your arrival at a new club, signings, big player sales, and team debuts.

All the menus for Career Mode have also been redesigned.

The layout is much simpler, with the main page giving you a general overview of your player or team.

The game will now remember your most-used sections so you can find them more quickly.

Pre-season tournaments have taken on a new structure.

They are timed much closer to the start of the season, so your player or team benefits more from these games.

Now, you’ll play three matches in an eight-team tournament, and only the winners will get prize money to boost their transfer kitty.

FIFA 23 is putting a bigger focus on women’s football, including both the English and French top leagues, and Women’s World Cup for the first time.

However, EA has not confirmed whether this inclusion extends to a women’s version of Career Mode.

FIFA 23 pre-orders are available now, with the Ultimate Edition releasing on September 27.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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