FIFA 23 developer responds to lack of crossplay for Pro Clubs


FIFA’s creator, EA Sports, has responded to fans who were disappointed that FIFA 23 Pro Clubs will not support crossplay.

An announcement yesterday revealed all the upcoming changes to Pro Clubs and Volta Football in FIFA 23, but the addition of crossplay was not one of them.

Fans were disappointed that crossplay was not coming to Pro Clubs and Volta.

Crossplay is coming for the first time in the FIFA series of games, for those who want to take part in multiplayer modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

This allows people using PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and PC, to all play together while PS4 and Xbox One users can also share a match.

However, modes such as Pro Clubs and Volta Football require up to 22 people for each game, making crossplay difficult to implement.

The director of these modes, Richard Waltz, made a statement addressing fans’ disappointment in the decision.

He wrote: “I share your desire to see crossplay in Pro Clubs, and understand the frustrations for not seeing it included in the launch of FIFA 23.

“While we’re excited with the first steps to bring new cross-play features to FIFA 23.

“We also recognize what cross-play functionality could mean to the Pro Clubs mode with the potential for improving matchmaking and allowing friends from different platforms of the same generation to play together.

“With the scale of such an important feature, our goal is to bring you the best possible experiences.”

While he confirmed that crossplay will not be on Pro Clubs at launch, he added that the team is working on it and hopes EA Sports can implement crossplay into Pro Clubs in the future.

“As we look at our crossplay future, we’re focused on matchmaking in Pro Clubs, Volta and FUT co-op, as well as cross-platform lobby invites and ultimately cross-platform Pro Clubs.

“We’re eager to provide updates in the future as the team continues to execute the plan for the future of crossplay.

Finally, he thanked the FIFA community for its feedback.

“We love the passion of our community.

“You help strengthen our resolve to push the mode forward and to bring quality changes for you to enjoy as players.”

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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