FIFA 23 players furious at ‘invisible team’ hack


FIFA 23 players have been turning off cross-play to stop the high levels of cheating currently happening in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

EA Sports recently introduced new anti-cheat software in the hopes of cracking down on cheaters on PC. 

FIFA 23 is still extremely popular online.

On PC, a number of players use mods to give them an advantage in FUT matches.

These mods include freezing the ball, kicking other players out of the game, or giving instant wins to the player.

This is banned by EA Sports, and if you are caught, your account will be permanently banned.

Despite this, many people are still determined to win FIFA 23 games by illegitimate means. 

As reported by Dexerto, a new mod has emerged that has found a way around the recently introduced anti-cheat software.

Players have reported facing off against invisible teams in FUT that make it almost impossible to counter-play.

While the ball is still visible, it can be difficult to see the direction it will go without the players showing their movements. 

You also can’t tell where players are positioned, and where the ball could be passed to.

The issue seems to occur to players on consoles that are playing against those on PC.

This means that by turning cross-play off on your console you can avoid cheaters who play on PC.

Players claim that the anti-cheat software appears to work when PC users play against each other, but fails when one player is on console.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.