Final Fantasy 14 downtime for update 6.28 — here’s when you can get back online


FOLLOWING on from Final Fantasy 14’s massive 6.2 update, the servers are down once again to bring us new updates for patch 6.28.

Island Sanctuary was one of the biggest additions to FF14, and fans have been enjoying this relaxing update to one of the most popular MMO games. 

FF14 is one of the world’s most popular live service games.

The upcoming 6.28 update will bring a number of bug fixes that were present when the Island Sanctuary launched.

It will go live at the same time globally, but for now players can’t enter FF14 until the servers have been updated with the latest patch.

For everything you need to know about how long FF14’s downtime is, and when servers will go back online, read below. 

How long will the Final Fantasy 14 servers be down?

Server maintenance will last for around nine hours. During this time, you will not be able to play Final Fantasy 14.

This is when the servers will be taken offline for the scheduled downtime, according to your time zone:

Monday, October 31

  • 6pm PDT (Western U.S.)
  • 9pm EDT (Eastern U.S.)

Tuesday, November 1 

  • 1am GMT (UK time)
  • 2am CET (Central Europe)
  • 10am JST (Japan time)

When will Final Fantasy 14’s servers go back online?

Final Fantasy 14’s servers will go back online once the 6.28 update has been added to the game.

Once the servers are live, players will be able to enter the game again, and the update will also be live.

Here’s when the FF14 servers will be back online according to your timezone:

Tuesday, November 1

  • 3am PDT (Western U.S.)
  • 6am EDT (Eastern U.S.)
  • 10am GMT (UK time)
  • 11am CET (Central Europe)
  • 7pm JST (Japan time)

It’s important to note that the Home World Transfer Service and Data Center Travel System will also be going offline 30 minutes before the server maintenance begins and will remain offline for the duration. 

The patch notes for the 6.28 update will be released when it goes live, and we will update you on the biggest changes when they happen.

Written by Ryan Woodrow and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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