Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide DLC Review


New DLC, Same Experience

FINAL Fantasy 16 has just released its second and final DLC called The Rising Tide, focusing on a new Eikon Leviathan and your quest to defeat and save it.

More of What You Love

If you're a fan of FF16, The Rising Tide promises to deliver more of the game you enjoyed, with added playable characters and mechanics reminiscent of previous DLC like FF15.

A Deeper Dive

Leviathan's water-based powers bring new combat abilities to your arsenal, offering a fresh gameplay experience with powerful ranged attacks.

A Subtle Expansion

Fans will appreciate how The Rising Tide seamlessly integrates with the game's lore and expands upon the series' overarching story, introducing the village of Mysidian people and enhancing the original world.

Room for Improvement

While the DLC adds to the overall experience, some players may find that it doesn't address pacing issues or provide significant character development, echoing sentiments from the base game.

Final Verdict

If you enjoyed FF16, The Rising Tide offers more of the same captivating gameplay and story elements. However, if the main game didn't resonate with you, this DLC may not change your mind.

For More Information

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