Final Fantasy 16’s Collector’s Edition is available for preorder — and an Xbox is cheaper


FOLLOWING the announcement of the release date for Final Fantasy 16 at The Game Awards, the game is now available for preorder.

There are three editions available for purchase, each coming with different added bonuses.

The expensive edition.

The Standard Edition is £69.99 ($69.99), the usual price for a full game on PlayStation 5.

It comes with a regular copy of the game, some in-game bonuses, and if ordered through the Square Enix website, comes with six cloth wall banners.

Next is the Deluxe Edition, which is a little more expensive at £99.99 ($99.99).

This comes with the same bonuses as the standard edition, plus a large cloth map, and a steelbook case for the game.

However, the edition that fans are shocked by is the Collector’s Edition which costs a whopping £329.99 ($349.99).

This edition comes with all previous bonuses as well as a digital soundtrack, an additional steelbook, eight pins, and a giant statue of two of the summons from the game.

To put the cost of this edition into perspective, the Xbox Series S is currently retailing for £199.99 in the UK thanks to holiday deals.

The most expensive version of the Nintendo Switch, the Switch OLED, is also cheaper than this game, currently selling for around £300, depending on the retailer.

However, gamers are known to splash out for luxury products from their favourite series, and Final Fantasy fans were still eager to get their hands on the expensive edition.

This wasn’t simple in all regions though, as the majority of fans in Australia have been left empty-handed.

The Collector’s Edition was only stocked in one retailer in the country, and only level five members of the store could apply to preorder it.

To become a level five member, you need to be in the top 10k spenders in the store in a year.

The number fluctuates, but in the past, this has meant spending between $10k to $15k AUD (£5.5k-£8.3k) in that year.

Despite the high barrier for entry, the Collector’s Editions sold out almost immediately due to the low stock the country was allocated.

Stock seems to be more widely available in Europe and the US, though it still comes with a high price tag.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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