Former GTA boss shows off new game, Everywhere


FORMER GTA boss Leslie Benzies has shown off his team’s new game, Everywhere. 

The team says it wants to create a “whole new world” where players can play and create.

Everywhere will feature different art styles and environments.

At the start of the presentation, it showed a Fortnite-esque art style and a sci-fi landscape, but the trailer capped off with a close-up of a hyper-realistic human who looks suspiciously like the lead character from Mafia 3.

It seems like you’ll be able to hop between different worlds with different art styles. 

There are gunfights, vehicles, and everything you’d expect from a modern video game. 

While there’s a lot that’s unknown about the game still, it’s certainly an interesting project – especially when it comes from one of the minds behind the best open-world game series ever made. 

One thing is for sure, though — it looks super weird.

It appears to be attempting to be the Ready Player One of video games.

Some kind of shared universe where you can step into various simulations and enjoy different experiences in different worlds.

We’ll find out more soon since Everywhere launches in 2023. 

Leslie Benzies split with Rockstar on bad terms and attempted to sue the company over alleged missing royalties.

Written by Kirk McKeand on behalf of GLHF.


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