Fortnite Chapter 3 map: Players spot HIDDEN snowy secrets


A new Fortnite chapter means a new map and this season’s landscape full of hidden secrets.

Chapter 3 of Fortnite has just kicked off after a Chapter 2 finale that saw the Island flip upside down, revealing the new terrain.

Tilted Towers is frozen under the snow for now
Fortnite Chapter 3 map brings back some familiar locales

The Fortnite Chapter 3 map has a few different biomes, including a snowy area that’s set to thaw as we head towards the holidays.

Epic has teased that there’s a POI buried under the snow that will be revealed as it melts.

In a blog post going over the new Chapter 3 content, the developer touched on a few new locations players may want to explore, adding:

“Also, as the snow melts and reveals the grassland underneath, a previously snowed-in secret will be revealed!”

That secret seems to be Tilted Towers, frozen and tucked away under a mountainous blanket of snow.

YouTuber postboxpat gives us a closer look in his map tour, spending a few minutes whizzing around the ice blocks that are almost certainly the buildings from the POI.

You can take a look at the unmarked location on the map in the screenshot above.

The layout and building size matched up with Tilted Towers perfectly, so it’s safe to say that you can start getting your hopes up.

Another secret buried under the snow has been spotted on reddit by a user who’s stumbled across something snoozing under the snow.

The theory is that it’s Klombo, the unofficial name given to the purple lizard-type creature from the trailer.

Whatever it is, it’s waiting to pop out of the giant snowdrift when it melts.

Let’s hope it is Klombo and not some new nightmare ready to terrorise the Island again.

Unofficially dubbed Klombo, this giant lizard could be hibernating on the map

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