Fortnite patch notes v17.11 decoded – the BIGGEST new additions revealed


FORTNITE has delivered yet another update while we wait for v17.20.

Here’s what’s new in v17.11, which is available right now.

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Look out for alien tech around Fortnite Island

Aliens have visited Fortnite, bringing strange technology, physics and other quirky changes.

“It looks like not even the aliens are immune to homesickness,” said Epic Games.

“They’ve brought an aspect of their own home to the Island: their physics.

“And surprisingly, this memento has changed how crafting works even more.”

Aliens have visited and with them comes…weirdness!

For a start, Alien Nanites have been discovered on Fortnite Island.

This “recreates the atmosphere” of the alien home planet.

Throw one down and you’l create a low-gravity biome that can be exited and entered.

It’s thick like jelly, and you’ll effectively be swimming around.

To descend more quickly, you can crouch.

And you won’t be hurt if you jump out of a nanite biome from a high place.

You’ll also find an alien called Choppy and a robot called Zyg travelling the island, planing “parasite eggs”.

Their first stop is towards the south of the Island, according to Epic Games.

If you can scupper their activities, you’ll be able to get a special Ray Gun that’s more powerful than the standard Kymera shooter.

Finally, Holly Hedges has been taken over by aliens.

Alien biomes have formed around houses, and you’ll find new otherworldly flora sprouting up everywhere.

You’ll be able to find some alien tech, if you’re not put off by all the…alien-ness.

The new patch is available right now.


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